Healing For Her Kids

Armie Hammer's Ex-Wife Elizabeth Chambers Breaks Her Silence About Her Divorce

The TV host spoke about her ex’s recovery and shared her thoughts on the 'House of Hammer' docuseries.

Elizabeth Chambers speaks out on Armie Hammer controversy. Here, they attend the Premiere of Columbi...
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Elizabeth Chambers is speaking out two years after her split from Armie Hammer, who has since been accused of sexual abuse and rape by multiple women.

The TV host and BIRD bakery owner sat down with E! News for an interview and admitted that her and Hammer are “in a really great place” and “committed fully and wholly to our children.”

The pair, who were married for 10 years before Chambers filed for divorce in July 2020, share children Harper, 7, and son Ford, 5. Since allegations against Hammer, 36, have come to light — further documented in the three-part series House of Hammer on Discovery+ — Chambers, 40, has been focused on healing and protecting their kids, while still supporting her ex in his personal journey to recovery.

“Our divorce is not finalized. But we are in a really great place. We talk all the time. We're committed fully and wholly to our children, and to being together as much as possible in a non-romantic way for our kids,” she told E!. “Kids need their mom; kids need their dad. So there's nothing we won't do.”

Chambers went on to discuss the oxygen mask theory: taking care of yourself before others. She insisted that she’ll support Hammer — who completed a treatment program for drugs, alcohol and sex issues in 2021 — as much as she can so that Harper and Ford can have the best father possible.

“I'm here to support that process. It's going to make him the best father, the best person he can be. At the end of the day, that's the goal,” Chambers said. “We're in constant communication and all that matters is that he is the best dad for our children. Obviously he processes everything else that he's dealing with personally — and that's his own journey now.”

Elizabeth Chambers with Harper and Ford.

Chambers also shared that she watched House of Hammer with her support system and was, of course, shocked by the details she learned. The documentary follows the scandals of not only Armie, but his father Michael, grandfather Julian and great-grandfather Armand, who all exerted their power and privilege over women.

“It was obviously heartbreaking on so many levels and very painful. But at the same time, it exists. The past is the past and all we can do is take this as a moment to learn and listen, and hopefully process and heal in every capacity,” Chambers, who turned down an appearance in the doc, said.

The entrepreneur told E! that focusing on her children’s well-being is so important because of the impacts of family history.

“I go back to childhood and why it's so important to be a good parent, because you don't want things coming up later that affected a human when they were little and they didn't know how to process it. So, all we can do is look forward and protect the future,” she said.

Chambers is currently in a “committed relationship” after taking the time to process her split from Armie, and plans to move back to Los Angeles after living and “healing” in the Cayman Islands for the last few years.

“All we can do is be responsible for ourselves, and all we can do is react with compassion, with love, with understanding, with listening to everything around us,” she concluded, “and then be the best we can be.”