Trial & Error

Ashley Graham Shares Photos And Videos Of Her Tandem Nursing Journey

The model, who welcomed twins in January, said "lots of tears" were spilled before finding a rhythm.

Ashley Graham shared her tandem nursing routine. Here, she attends the 2019 Harper's Bazaar ICONS on...
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For all the moms tandem nursing right now, leave it to new mom Ashley Graham to make you feel less alone. The 34-year-old model, who welcomed twin sons Malachi and Roman in January, shared a photo of her breastfeeding routine on Instagram Thursday, writing, “double fisting 😂.”

In the picture, she nurses her 4-month-old baby boys at the same time — an impressive feat for anyone who’s tried or does it on a daily basis. “Peep the whacky tan lines,” she added.

Ashley Graham feeding her sons.

Graham shared more insight into her breastfeeding journey in her Instagram Stories and admitted that it took a lot of practice to find a groove.

“My normal position for when I tandem feed the boys,” she captioned a picture of herself positioning the twins in two football holds near her breasts. “This took me a solid few weeks of trial/error and lots of tears to latch consistently. My doula who is also a lactation consultant was so kind and gentle with me in helping all 3 of us figure out how to do this together.”

The mom-of-three, who also has a 2-year-old son Isaac with her husband Justin Ervin, then posted sweet videos of the twins holding hands while eating.

Ashley Graham posted photos and videos of her breastfeeding journey to her Instagram Stories.

Ashley Graham/Instagram

When recently asked to describe life with three under three, Graham told People, “Loud, organized chaos. Honestly, we are having so much fun. Even in the midst of the crying, and the poop, and the vomit and the engorged breasts, and the hair loss, and my ever-changing body. Me, Justin, Isaac, Roman, Malachi — we’re all hanging out in the living room, and we look at each other, Justin and I. We’re like, ‘Oh my God, we have three amazing kids,’ and here we are, we’re laughing and dancing. It’s so much fun. I feel like my home is so full of love, and it’s because of my awesome kids and my great husband, truly.”

Over the last two years, Graham has been transparent about her life as a new mom and the toll pregnancy and postpartum have taken on her mental and physical health. She tries to carve out time for herself to make sure she’s her best self for her sons.

“When I had just Isaac, it was easy to make time for me,” she added to People. “I was only worried about one nap time. Now I’m worried about three nap times. I have been doing yoga and Pilates, and just having that hour to myself where I’m taking care of my body, really feels great.”