'We've Been Through A Lot'

Ashley Graham Celebrates Her Postpartum Body And ‘New Tummy’

The model shared photos of her stretch marks and thanked her body for carrying her babies.

Ashley Graham attends Apple's 'The Morning Show' premiere -- the model is an advocate for body accep...
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Ashley Graham is thanking her body for all it’s done over the last few years — namely, carrying three healthy baby boys. The model and businesswoman, 34, shared photos of her postpartum figure and celebrated every inch of it — stretch marks and all.

“Hi, new tummy. We’ve been through a lot. Thank you. #3monthspostpartum,” she captioned the carousel of photos taken in front of a bathroom mirror. In one of the pictures, she grabs her stomach to show followers the stretch marks that adorn it.

Ashley Graham celebrates her postpartum body

People commended Graham in the comments, with fellow mom and model Helena Christensen writing, “Amazing the lives you’ve created and carried and pushed into this world ❤️❤️❤️.” Actor Freida Pinto commented, “And that tummy has the most beautiful, wholesome stories to tell❤️,” while athlete Lindsey Vonn added, “Always beautiful inside and out.”

Graham welcomed twin boys — Malachi and Roman — with her husband, Justin Ervin, in January. They joined big brother Isaac, 2. Three babies in two years — no wonder Graham is celebrating!

The new mom recently told People that her life now is “loud, organized chaos.”

Honestly, we are having so much fun. Even in the midst of the crying, and the poop, and the vomit and the engorged breasts, and the hair loss, and my ever-changing body. Me, Justin, Isaac, Roman, Malachi — we’re all hanging out in the living room, and we look at each other, Justin and I. We’re like, ‘Oh my God, we have three amazing kids,’ and here we are, we’re laughing and dancing,” she said. “It’s so much fun. I feel like my home is so full of love, and it’s because of my awesome kids and my great husband, truly.”

Since Graham announced the impending arrival of her first son, she has been open and honest about the toll pregnancy and the postpartum journey takes on the body and mind. The reason she decided to start sharing photos of her changing body was to feel camaraderie with other women experiencing the same thing.

“I was like, ‘Get it together, Ashley, there’s other women out there that are going through the same thing as you — why don’t you have a dialogue?’ ” she said on her Fearless with Ashley Graham digital series in November 2019. “This is a new body that I’m walking into, why don’t I just put myself out there with this new body?”

“I felt so isolated. I felt so alone,” Graham added, tearing up when talking to a mom-of-four, Taylor Hoit. “So it’s like I’ve had to come into this new world of body confidence.”

Ashley Graham with her twin sons.

Graham proudly showed off her post-baby stretch marks after welcoming Isaac, sharing photos of her belly with the caption, “same me. few new stories,” and posing for a bikini photoshoot.

"I think the postpartum snapback is really B.S.," she told E! News last year. "I think it's an unattainable reality for most women and it's been an unattainable reality for myself."

We’re always grateful to Graham for keeping it real when it comes to a mother’s body and the changes it endures to bring life into the world. Even when we don’t feel like celebrating, we can still thank our bodies for all they’ve done.