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The Backstreet Boys Performed With All Their Kids And It’s Adorable

The boy band brought their children to the stage to sing their song, "No Place."

The Backstreet Boys are touring again — and at the Hollywood Bowl this week, they shared the stage w...

The Backstreet Boys decided to bring a few fans on stage for this year’s stop at the Hollywood Bowl, and they weren’t the screaming Millenials who bought tickets to the show. The pop group asked their kids to sing their hit song, “No Place,” and it’s giving the world the wholesome content it needs right now.

The once teen heartthrob boy band recently resumed their DNA World Tour and performed in Los Angeles, where they surprised the audience with a group number starring Nick Carter’s Odin, 6, Saorise, 2, and AJ McClean’s Ava, 9, and Lyric, 5. Howie Dorough’s sons, James, 13, and Holden, 9, Kevin Richardson’s boys Mason, 14, and Maxwell, 8, and Brian Littrell’s son Baylee, 19, were also on stage.

Whew — that’s a lot of Backstreet babies.

Just like the song’s music video, it was a family affair, as the kids shared mics with their respective dads while singing every word. Kevin’s boys weren’t shy walking on stage as they made their way to the front to jam with their dad, swinging their hands like natural performers.

The tiny clan also sported custom sports jackets that were black with red trimming and the Backstreet Boy branding.

The group also shared the event on their official Instagram, captioning it, “The Hollywood Bowl show last night is one we will never forget. There were too many special moments to count — but one of them was having our little Backstreet family out on stage with us. Thank you to each and every one of you for making it magic.”

The group then spoke to the audience, thanking them for their support over two decades, and Kevin joked, “We’ve been a little busy as you can see.”

“We’re starting a whole new generation of backstreet boy fans,” AJ added.

In an interview in April with PEOPLE regarding the show, AJ McClean shared “When it's a big number or it's after a number and we're still on stage, I pull an ear [monitor] out just to feel that moment, to hear the crowd.”

“You can see them singing and screaming but if you can't hear it and you can't feel it right here [points to heart], then what's the f---ing point? To be able to still get that level of love and screams 27 years later, it's pretty freaking unremarkable,” he continued.

Since resuming their tour, which was postponed halfway through due to the pandemic in 2019, they have also added more cities to the lineup and even a European leg that will start in October.