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A Documentary About The Dark Side Of ‘Barney And Friends’ Is Coming To Ruin Our Childhood

The new docuseries will uncover the dark side of Barney’s fame and what really went on behind the scenes on set.

A ew Barney The Dinosaur docuseries reveals the real story behind the famed 90s show.
Mark Perlstein/The Chronicle Collection/Getty Images

While many nostalgic pastimes and trends from the 90s have been exposed or ruined in various ways (sorry, Abercrombie and Victoria's Secret), Barney, the extremely innocent and derpy dinosaur, has held strong. At least until now.

Peacock will be premiering a two-part docuseries on October 12th not only follows the history of Barney the Dinosaur, but that will will bring some of the harder truths to light surrounding the show. The silver lining is it seems the beloved kid’s character is still just as pure as we remember him to be; it’s the world’s backlash that gets dark.

The I Love You, You Hate Me official trailer launched yesterday gave some insight into the documentary, addressing the hatred, threats, and violence the show’s production team and cast experienced and the disturbing rumors that surfaced regarding what went down on set.

The teaser describes the documentary as, “A limited series chronicling the rise and fall of Barney the Dinosaur’s furious backlash — and what it says about the human need to hate. From Barney-bashing to frat parties to homicidal video games, something in American society broke into a million pieces, and it’s never been put together again… or is this just who we were all along?”

“What color is happier than purple? No color,” Billy Nye shared in the trailer. Al Roker also appeared, saying that as creator Sheryl Leaches’ “beloved character was heading into the stratosphere, people couldn't accept that this was just a show. And so, let the bashing begin.”

It cut into snippets of footage showing Barney memorabilia being set on fire and hanged among other disturbing happenings.

The teaser also included a snippet of a man stating, “Some of the rumors I heard: Barney hides drugs in his tail.”

Oy vey.

The public was, as you would imagine, in total denial. “I want to keep my childhood happy, thanks 😂,” one follower wrote. Others shared, “Noooooo! Not Barney! Leave us some happy memories!” and “Excuse me? Don’t u dare ruin my childhood with this BS? I still love Barney and Baby Bop.”

Of course, there was your fair share of cynical comments, too, like, “Is anyone even remotely surprised that there is a dark side to Barney?”

Do I support the fall of our iconic Barney? No. Will I be watching this? Yes.

You can watch the premiere of I Love You, You Hate Me on Peacock TV on Wednesday, October 12th.