"Whoa, Look At This!"

Blippi & Meekah Are Here To Help Your Kiddo Celebrate Halloween With 9 New Episodes

Plus, Blippi is coming to Roblox!


Ready for some new Blippi-led adventures? You're just in luck! With Halloween right around the corner, Blippi and Meekah are setting out to explore all things fall and Halloween-related. Silly dances and educational moments abound in their nine new episodes and music videos centered around this beloved season. Even better? A Blippi video game called Blippi's Playground launches on Roblox later this week. And we haven't even gotten to "gifting season" yet!

If you haven't done so already, expect Blippi to introduce your kiddo to playing "The Floor Is Lava." Later in the season, Blippi will learn how to make chocolate. Meanwhile, his best friend Meekah will visit a pumpkin patch and sing all about one of her favorite holidays — Halloween.

Don't worry: The fun new content releases throughout the month, so your kiddo can experience the fall fun all month long! Whether "live-action" or animated is their cup of Blippi tea, October's releases are sure to thrill any blue and orange-wearing, Blippi-lovin' preschooler. Here's what's up ahead for Blippi, Meekah, and the rest of the curiosity crew.

Blippi’s Fall/Halloween Releases

  • September 27 — “Halloween Hideout” (Blippi Wonders) || Blippi, Meekah, and a busload of other Halloween friends are part of a spooky musical set to brand-new music.
  • Oct. 3 — “Halloween Hop The Floor Is Lava” (Blippi Music Video) || Could anything possibly be more fun than playing The Floor Is Lava at a pumpkin patch? Blippi’s dance moves make everything sillier!
  • Oct. 4 — “How Do You Celebrate Halloween With a Dinosaur? (Blippi Wonders) || Dino-loving friends of Blippi will love this extra special episode where Blippi teaches two dinosaur friends how to trick-or-treat.
  • Oct. 7 — “Blippi’s Halloween Pumpkin Rollercoaster Ride” (Blippi) || Blippi heads to the world-famous Coney Island to ride rollercoasters and pick pumpkins.
  • Oct. 10 — “Meekah the Pumpkin Queen Song” (Blippi Music Video) || Blippi and Meekah explore a Halloween playground and learn about the Pumpkin Queen.
  • Oct. 14 — “Blippi’s Sweet Surprise” (Blippi) || Blippi heads to Zaini’s chocolate store and factory where he makes a super special candy egg with a surprise inside. This is sure to inspire the little candymaker in your house.
  • Oct. 14 — “Meekah's Pumpkin-tastic Halloween” (Meekah) || Meekah is decorating her front porch for Halloween night! Can you help her find more decorations?
  • October 21 — “Blippi & Meekah’s Pumpkin Patch Playdate” (Blippi) || Play Halloween-themed games and more when your kiddo joins in on a pumpkin patch playdate with the two best friends.
  • October 24 — “Meekah's Halloween Song” (Blippi Music Video) || Meekah *loves* Halloween! Who can blame her? Her song about what makes Halloween special will make any kid love it, too.

Blippi Joins Roblox

Starting Oct. 12, kids can play Blippi’s Playground on Roblox, Blippi’s first-ever video game. “Interact with Blippi and his friends in a whole new way through fun, engaging, and curiosity-inspired gameplay,” explains the press release. Since it’s launching so close to Halloween, Blippi’s Playground will feature special Halloween-themed games and tasks, including looking for Bones in Curiosity Cove’s Haunted House and trick-or-treating around the Cove.

There’s a lot of fun to unpack here, and your kiddo will undoubtedly be on board if you help them find his buddy Blippi. Can you spell his name with me?