“No boys, no parties, no summoning spirits.”

‘Bob’s Burgers’ Will Collide With ‘The Simpsons’ In This Year’s ‘Treehouse Of Horror’

Marge Simpson is set to meet her match: 'Bob's Burgers' Linda Belcher will appear in 'The Simpsons' Halloween special.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror is set to have a special guest this year: Linda Belcher of 'Bob's B...
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Make sure you have at least four half bottles of wine, Marge. The Simpsons annual Halloween special “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” is set to have a special guest this spooky season: Linda Belcher, the angel figurine-loving, singing mom of three from Bob’s Burgers. John Roberts, the voice behind the iconic Belcher, revealed the news on Twitter, which fans of both animated comedies quickly celebrated.

Two of TV’s greatest moms on one show? We’re in.

"In a book-themed trilogy, Marge's resentment takes monstrous form, Lisa tries to save the planet through murder, and Homer learns he's not the man he thought he was,” reads the episode’s official synopsis.

While there isn’t a clue as to which of the vignettes Linda will make an appearance in, it seems like the first one could be a prime story for Linda and Marge to butt heads. The three segments are reportedly titled “Lisanime” (a parody of the anime Death Note) “Simpsonsworld” (a play on West World) and “The Pookadook,” (a riff on the horrifying mother-son film The Babadook). There are also nods to Randy Moore’s Escape from Tomorrow, as evidenced by the Epcot-esque structure in the poster’s background.

This isn’t the first time the happy-go-lucky wife of Bob Belcher shared the screen with the Simpson family. She’s previously shown up in a couple of couch gags, playfully sitting with the family on their famous couch during the show’s introduction.

The annual Halloween special is set to air on Sunday, October 30 — a rarity, as the special historically has premiered the weekend after Halloween.

And for anyone who doesn’t watch Bob’s Burgers or understand what an icon Linda Belcher is, hop on that. Not only is she admirable for her joie de vivre, but also for her total acceptance of her three kids: the butt-obsessed Tina, the musically inclined Gene, and her youngest and most rebellious, Louise.

Grab your popcorn and some wine for this Halloween special. To quote Linda, “Mommy doesn't get drunk, she just has fun,” and it seems like she is going to have extra fun during her “Treehouse of Horror” stint.