Bode And Morgan Miller's Son Hospitalized For Fever-Induced Seizure

The athletes' 3-year-old son Asher is, thankfully, doing OK following the incident.

Morgan and Bode Miller are back home after their son was hospitalized for a seizure. Here, they are ...
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Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan, faced another scary parenting situation as their 3-year-old son was hospitalized earlier this week for a febrile seizure.

Morgan posted photos and an explanation of what happened to Asher, one of the couple’s twin sons, on her Instagram Stories, and reassured everyone that he was at home and OK.

“Life is constantly walking a knife edge and it’s not something we’re unfamiliar with,” Morgan, 35, wrote alongside a photo of Bode, 45, and Asher in a hospital bed. “Yesterday, Asher had a febrile seizure which scared us half to death. We took that same ambulance to the same hospital we took Emmy to but this time we got to leave with our child.”

The Millers tragically lost their 19-month-old daughter, Emmy, in a drowning accident in 2018. Since then, they’ve welcomed twins, Asher and Askel, as well as a daughter Scarlett, 13 months. They also share sons Nash, 8, and Easton, 4, as well as Bode’s kids from previous relationships — son Nate, nearly 10, and daughter Dace, 14.

Bode Miller with his son, Asher, in the hospital.

Morgan Miller/Instagram

Asher and his twin, Asksel.

Morgan Miller/Instagram

Father and son on the mend.

Morgan Miller/Instagram

According to Mayo Clinic, a febrile seizure in a child is caused by a fever, often from an infection. “Febrile seizures occur in young, healthy children who have normal development and haven't had any neurological symptoms before,” the Mayo Clinic reads. “Fortunately, febrile seizures are usually harmless, only last a few minutes, and typically don't indicate a serious health problem.”

Although it was a very frightening situation, Morgan told followers that Asher was “home and back to his normal self.”

“I am reminded to slow down and realize life’s little gifts during this crazy holiday season because we already have everything we need. Our loved ones. Our health. And more time,” she added. “Because time with the ones we love is all we could ever ask for.”

Emmy would be 6 today.

Since Emmy’s death, the Millers have been staunch advocates for water safety — and urge caregivers to give babies and young children the tools they need to swim independently.

"That's a really interesting lesson that you've learned, especially after losing a child, is that you have this overwhelming sadness and grief,” Morgan told People in 2021. “At first, you start feeling these moments of joy that come back in and it feels so confusing and so wrong that you can have both of these emotions at the same time. You find as a parent this way to still allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement. At the same time, you still have the sadness and grief, and it can co-exist in a way that didn't make sense before losing your child, where it didn't seem possible. There's beauty in everything and there's sadness in everything, but it doesn't take the joy away from all those moments anymore."