Borat Wished Kim Kardashian A Happy Birthday, And It's So Funny

The famed movie character made an appearance to send a message to his 'favorite' Kardashian sister.

Borat wished Kim Kardashian a happy birthday on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 42nd birthday on Friday, and among all of the birthday messages and posts, there was one in particular that stood out from the rest. The world’s favorite fictional character ‘Borat,’ played by Sasha Baroncohen, from the 2006 mock documentary film Borat, made an appearance on Instagram to wish Kimmy a very special birthday, and the internet couldn’t get enough.

In a post shared by momager, Kris Jenner, she wrote, “Love this!! Thank you, @boratsagdiyev for the birthday wishes for Kim, and for always making us laugh!! Happy Birthday, @kimkardashian!!!! I love you! 😍🥰🥳🎂🍸💃🏻 @sachabaroncohen ❤️❤️”

“Happy Birthday Kimothy! Kazakhstan, just get your televisky show, I like! ” he began the video, in his famous completely unrecognizable made-up accent. “My favorite sister is you, my second favorite, Kris, and the hardest sister to make hand party to is Rob. Happy Birthday!”

Rob Kardashian, who is almost nonexistent when it comes to the media, cameras and social media, was one of the first to comment on the video, writing three laughing face emojis. Sister Khloe Kardashian was right behind, writing, “I am crying.”

Other followers commented, “no luxury gift is better than this,” and “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Borat made a sequel to his classic 2006 mockumentary, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, in 2020, and it was basically the only good thing to happen the whole year.

This Kazakstanian message wasn’t the only bizarre thing about Kim’s birthday — she was also not able to enjoy her dinner at Carbone and Usher concert in Vegas after her private jet was unable to land due to weather. So instead, she and her group of girlfriends landed back in LA and went to In and Out in full glam.

“Thank you so much for the birthday wishes,” she wrote on her own page. “This weekend I had an overwhelmingly beautiful amount of love from so many people reaching out and it really made me smile so much. The flowers, the dinner the almost Vegas trip all was so so special and I will remember this birthday forever.”

It’s safe to say this was certainly a birthday to remember.