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Chrissy Teigen’s Pregnant Belly Crashed A John Legend Zoom Interview

The model made an impromptu appearance during her husband’s virtual interview about his upcoming album.

Chrissy Teigen crashed one of John Legend's Zoom interviews to show off her pregnant belly.
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Sorry, John Legend — Chrissy Teigen’s pregnant belly will be stealing the spotlight for the next few months. The singer was recently interviewed virtually by the hosts of the Carrie and Tommy Podcast, and Chrissy crashed the party to say hello. Let’s be honest, though. It was to debut her very pregnant belly, and she was glowing like a true maternal goddess.

Referring to Legend’s famed wedding hit, “All of Me,” which was written about wife Chrissy, show host Carrie Bickmore asked if his love song to her would be different if he wrote another in present time, to which John warmly replied,” Wait 'til you hear the new album. We've got songs for Chrissy on it, for sure.”

“One of the final songs on the album is called 'I Don't Love You Like I Used To,' which sounds almost like a breakup song as a title. But if you listen to the lyrics, it's really just about how your love grows with a person, and it changes over time and evolves over time. You don't love that person like you used to because you've grown together and you're experiencing new things, and [that love] is tested in different ways,” Legend added.

As he continued to give more insight on his upcoming album, the camera started to shift to the left, only to reveal, almost exclusively, Chrissy’s bun in the oven before she leaned over and waved to the camera while rubbing her belly.

Everyone was all smiles, with Bickmore responding, “Cheers! Congratulations! How amazing for you both — for all of you, the whole family.”

The soon-to-be mom of three was casual in black maternity leggings and a white tank, a loose messy bun, and a natural face. After moving away from the camera, Chrissy let out that all too familiar grunt that slips out when a pregnant person sits down or stands up, to which John joked, “You know, it's a struggle getting around the house.”

Wait —grunting when you sit, stand, or pick something up isn’t just a regular adult thing?

Props to the parents expecting during the summer months and looking just as fabulous as Chrissy while doing it!