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CoComelon & Target Are Teaming Up To Teach Kids About Pet Care

Plus, new pet-centered CoComelon episodes are comin' your way!

CoComelon and Target are teaming up to teach kids about pet care with a line of new toys and episode...
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Toddlers and CoComelon might go hand-in-hand, but toddlers and pets are often another story. Even when you’ve practiced “soft and slow” with your babe and the cat since before your toddler could talk, your kid may not always make the best decisions when interacting with their pet.

They also probably have no idea how much care and effort goes into keeping their furry friend alive. Do they know that doggos go to the doctor, too?! CoComelon has long been an arbiter of sweet songs, good manners, and emotional development for your toddler. Now they’re tackling a new set of life skills for your kiddo to master: pet care. They’re teaming up with Target to make the whole launch as fun and interactive as possible, too.

July and August are big months for CoComelon and Target. In their unspoken quest to take over an entire aisle with CoComelon merch, they’re launching new pet-centered toys for your toddlers. And they’re all linked to new episodes hitting this month! The new episodes will feature the family dog, Bingo, as well as Cece’s new kitten, Lulu. They’ll learn to care for, live alongside, play with, and spoil them.

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Throughout the episodes, YoYo, TomTom, JJ, and pals will also play with new pet-themed toys. Those toys? You guessed it: They’re launching at Target right now.

New CoComelon Episodes Coming Soon

“Cece Had a Little Cat” | Available Now

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You might have already seen this episode, but if not, make sure to seek it out. When the family passes a pet store, Cece meets the world’s cutest kitten. It tries to follow her home. Will she get to keep it?

“This Is the Way Doggie Care” | July 25

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JJ, TomTom, and Dad spend the day playing with Bingo. During their adventures, TomTom and Dad show the littlest member of the family how to safely play with and interact with the family pet.

“Bingo Was His Name-o” | August 15

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JJ and Patrick take Bingo to the pet store, where they absolutely spoil the pup with love, attention, and, of course, toys!

“Kitty Cat Song” | August 29

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Cece’s new kitten, Lulu, is super cute but keeps interrupting Cece while she dances. She combines both loves, Lulu and dancing, for a day of fun with her new furry friend.

CoComelon x Target Pets New Toy Line

CoComelon Pet Vet Checkup Set (18m+)

If your kiddo loves to roleplay as a doctor, they’ll love the chance to practice their caring skills on Pickles, Cody’s pet cat. The Vet Checkup Set comes with a plush Pickles, a veterinarian bag, a syringe, a thermometer, and a stethoscope. It’s the perfect toy for littles who love to look after their furry friends.

CoComelon My Pet Bingo (18m+)

Now your little one can have a Bingo of their own. The toy version of Bingo comes with his own brightly colored carrying crate, a food/water bowl, a bone, and a brush. Bingo also makes cute pup noises at the touch of his nose and plays clips from two songs, “My Dog Song” and “Bingo.”

CoComelon Best Friends and Pets 4-Figure Set (18m+)

This action figure set comes with JJ, Cody, Pickles, and Bingo and offers basically limitless fun. The figures are the perfect size to fit in block castles, plus most other CoComelon toys you probably already own. There’s just something about little figures that fit perfectly into tiny, sweaty fists. They’re the most fun toy in the box — just ask any kid.