Dax Shepard Trolls Kristen Bell With Naked Photo On Mother's Day

The famous couple do love to mock each other publicly.

by Valerie Williams
John Parra/Getty and Dax Shepard/Instagram

Dax Shepard shares photo of Kristen Bell stretching on their porch — totally naked — in honor of Mother’s Day

We all know that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell love to get silly with each other on social media and for this Mother’s Day, Shepard definitely stuck to that vibe by sharing a totally NSFW photo of Bell in the buff. Why? I have no idea. But their Insta trolling is hella entertaining, regardless.

“Mom’ing has changed since I was a kid…and I’m here for it,” Shepard begins his caption of Bell doing some kind of yoga pose wearing only a pair of knee socks. “Look at this specimen: kind, patient, nurturing, hilarious, Uber talented, generous, hard AND soft. My girls and I hit the MegaMom Lottery in spectacular fashion. We are so grateful and so in love with you.”

That “specimen” is definitely participating in some kind of nakey back porch yoga and hey, do you, sis. She’s clearly confident and feeling this whole nude stretching thing, so good for her. I just hope Shepard got her permission before baring all of her (save for that red modesty square over her butt) on the internet.

Earlier this year, Shepard shared the very sexed-up depiction of his wife he had painted on the side of his van. It’s definitely a little bit much — and Bell was quick to say so. Shepard admits she “… wasn’t thrilled with the level of ‘female empowerment’ that was depicted in that mural.” At least he had an excuse for the mural’s aesthetic? Kind of? “Understandably. And my kind of excuse was we had to honor the era in which this was popular. It didn’t fly.”

Though the couple’s vibe has always been pretty silly, Shepard and Bell also keep things incredibly real when it comes to tough topics like parenting, marital arguments that make you “black out” with anger, and Shepard’s struggle with addiction. Recently, the pair got very honest about Shepard relapsing after 16 years of sobriety with Bell explaining that she supports him and plans to “stand by him” because “he’s very very worth it.”

Shepard was also open about how he explained his relapse to the couple’s young daughters, Lincoln and Delta.“They knew when I relapsed. We explained, ‘Well, daddy was on these pills for his surgery and then daddy was a bad boy and he started getting his own pills,’” he told Chelsea Clinton on an episode of her podcast. “We tell them the whole thing.” Shepard explained that their girls have basically always known about his struggle with addiction, sharing that a then three-year-old Lincoln once asked to come to one of his twice-weekly AA meetings. He told her “you gotta be an alcoholic,” to go to AA, to which she replied, “I’m gonna be an alcoholic!” Kids, yo.

Shepard’s silly photo of Bell doing naked downward dog is just one more example of how this couple is open about literally everything. Can’t wait to see what kind of revenge Bell might exact on Father’s Day.