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Disney Just Introduced New Additions To Its Adaptive Halloween Costume Line

Fans of ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Aladdin,’ it’s time to get excited.

A girl in a wheelchair wearing an adaptive costume of Jasmine from 'Aladdin.'

Any Disney fan can tell you that Halloween is one of the best times to visit the parks. Between the Nightmare Before Christmas takeover of the Haunted Mansion ride and the delicious seasonal treats, it’s a spectacular time. And while going to Disneyland or Disney World isn’t an option for every family, dressing up like a Marvel superhero or a favorite Disney character is, thanks to the brand’s adaptive and inclusive line of costumes.

Now, kids can dress up like Jasmine from Aladdin, Woody from Toy Story, or rock a Buzz Lightyear wheelchair cover set while visiting the happiest place on Earth — or around their own neighborhood while trick-or-treating this year.

The new roleplay costumes are the latest addition in the company’s inclusive character costumes. Last year, Disney introduced a Cinderella coach wheelchair cover set, a Star Wars: The Mandalorian set, and an adaptive Black Panther costume complete with light-up flare. The entire line features characters from other Disney favorites like Elsa from Frozen and an Incredimobile Wheelchair cover set.

Parents are praising the company’s continued dedication to inclusivity. "Disney, I love you for creating a costume for trick-or-treaters with different abilities!" commented one fan. Reviews of last year’s costumes also laud the breathable material and ease of the adaptive costumes.

The inclusive costumes have features like stretchy fabric with rear openings, openings for tubes, and specific pant sizes to accommodate various needs. The Woody and Jasmine adaptive costumes and Buzz Lightyear wheelchair cover are now available on ShopDisney for $39.99, along with a range of other adaptive costumes.

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Disney’s adaptive costumes have something for everyone, from the princess-obsessed...

...To those who want to be just like their favorite Avenger. The best part is even though this Black Panther costume doesn’t have the Wakanda high-tech, it’s still a breeze to put on and take off, thanks to roomier leg circumference and stretch fabric.

Giddy-up, partner! Not all heroes wear capes — some wear cowboy hats and know that being there for a friend is the most important thing, just like Woody.

To infinity, and beyond! Who is Woody without his best friend Buzz — or his undeniably cool spaceship box that he comes in?

For those who want to get the full Buzz Lightyear experience, the costume is a must in addition to the Toy Story rocket chair cover.