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Disney's New Cruise Ship Will Have A Haunted Mansion Bar & Lounge

And the spooky cocktails look amazing.

This is an artist's rendering of the proposed Haunted Mansion bar and lounge that will reside on Dis...

First it was a ride, then it was a movie, now it will be a cruise ship bar and lounge! On Tuesday, Disney announced that its newest cruise ship, Disney Treasure, will include a Haunted Mansion Parlor where guests can relax, sip a spooky drink, and see some ghosts.

According to the artist renderings shared by Disney, the lounge will fully embody both the creepiest of the original ride and recent movie, including lots of gothic details, nautical twists, ghosts in mirrors, and paintings that follow you with their eyes and transform into ghoulish skeletons. Super-fans will recognize some classic details like a purple armchair and wallpaper that matches the original design.

It will also provide live entertainment, including the music that we all know and love plus an ongoing storyline of a ghostly sea captain and his tragic death. Disney is teasing both classic Haunted Mansion characters plus some new ones to love.

The spooky cocktail list looks fantastic, too, and contains both alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic selections. A couple of items that they highlighted include a creepy blood orange drink with lime foam and a “ghoulish delight,” which is a thick, glittery purple zero-proof drink with tapioca pearls and a floating eyeball.

The signature drink of the bar will be a fun and spooky play on the margarita — a tequila and blood orange mixed drink topped off with lime foam, smoke, and popping candy. In addition, the drink will contain a secret message that can only be revealed with a black light. Fun!

You can even make the drinks at home with recipes provided by Disney, though many require multiple kind of hard-to-come-by ingredients and a lot of steps.


Finally, the bar will offer three different keepsakes so that you can bring something haunted from your trip home with you. These include a spooky green-glowing clock inspired by the grandfather clock in the original attraction, a creepy music box that plays Haunted Mansion music, and a very haunted mirror that may or may not include some ghosts trapped inside.

The Haunted Mansion Parlor will join two other themed bars on board: the Skipper Society, inspired by the Jungle Cruise attraction, and the Periscope Pub, inspired by the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction.

The Disney Treasure’s first trip is scheduled for a little over a year from now in December 2024, departing from Port Canaveral, Florida.