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Chrissy Teigen Gives Hilariously Real ‘Review’ Of Her Family’s Cruise Experience

"Our kids must never EVER forget we did this for them," she wrote on Twitter.

US model and media personality Chrissy Teigen and US musician John Legend attend the White House Cor...
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Ask any parent and they’ll tell you: You no longer “go on vacation” after you have kids. Nothing is ever relaxing again, so traveling with your family is just a trip to another location. Trips can be even worse for adults if you happen to get sick while away. Chrissy Teigen learned this the hard way when she found herself “full-body sick” on her family’s recent cruise.

"Leaving a disney cruise is like leaving Las Vegas except you only feeeeeel like you binged drugs, and, you are wet. I have never been more sore, I'm coughing up… something, the bottoms of my feet are roasted rotisserie, I just got phone service and I still feel like we are rocking," she said. "4 days ago feels like… so long ago. our kids must never EVER forget we did this for them. Solidarity to all the other Disney cruise parents."

The model and TV personality revealed she learned the hard way that motion sickness is a very real thing, commenting to future cruisers to “bring sickness patches!”

Teigen and husband John Legend brought their three kids on the cruise: Luna, 7, Miles, 4, and baby Esti, who was born in January of this year.

While it’s clear that the cruise was not for Chrissy, Luna seems to be a big fan of all things Mickey Mouse. Last April for Luna’s sixth birthday, they headed to Disneyland to celebrate, and at least from the promotional pictures, it looked like everyone had a blast, even mom.

The family took pictures with Minnie in front of the castle and were shown enjoying “It’s A Small World” together.

And her love for Disney goes back even farther than that. In 2019, a much smaller Luna enjoyed an official Disney princess breakfast, dressed up like Belle from head to toe and accompanied by real life princesses like Princess Aurora.

Chrissy has always been real about what it’s like the go on family vacations, from the magical and relaxing to the... other stuff. When the family traveled to Bali several years ago, for example, she shared all the amazing moments, food, and memories right alongside the less-amazing things like bugs, constant breastfeeding, and her toddler’s complete inability to smile for the camera even once.

It’s the balance of being grateful while also keeping it real that’s the key to enjoying yourself (and staying sane) during a family trip — and that’s a hard balance to hit.