Happy Tears

Drew Barrymore Breaks Down In Emotional Video About Her Home Renovation

The talk show host cried tears of joy after discovering a hidden window behind drywall.

Drew Barrymore cries tears of joy after discovering a hidden window during her latest home renovatio...
Drew Barrymore / TikTok

Drew Barrymore has been keeping busy these days. When she’s not acting or hosting her talk show, she’s helping with what appears to be a kitchen renovation in one of her homes. If anyone has gone through the process of a home renovation, it should be no surprise that the stress can lead to emotions boiling over — good and bad.

Barrymore did not hold back how she was feeling in a now-viral TikTok where she followed her intuition and discovered a hidden window inside the home. She even took the revelation as an opportunity to learn a life lesson. Before gearing up to tear down the wall which she believed was concealing a window, Barrymore let out a couple feral barks and howls.

After tearing down the drywall herself, the video shows an emotional Barrymore taking off her mask and gazing out of the newly revealed window.

“I knew there was a window here. I knew it,” she exclaimed. “It's so hopeful how something so covered up and dark ... you can pry it open and create light.”

Her reaction, while jarring and over the top to some, was a very sweet moment of vulnerability and enlightenment to others. It’s a lesson about trusting your gut and being rewarded.

Her emotion could also be tied to her decision to live in New York City.

Drew Barrymore discovers a hidden window during home renovation.

During a May 2021 interview for Oprah’s Your Life in Focus series, Barrymore explained how moving so her children could live closer to their father and her ex-husband, Will Kopelman felt like giving up on a dream.

She opened up to Oprah about the heartbreak of leaving Los Angeles and selling her house of 20 years. “It was the home I built for myself. I’d had it for 20 years. It was the home I swore would be my kids,” she explained. “It was as hard as the divorce itself ... I was doubling down on the giving up of the dream.”

Barrymore went viral yet again after filming herself laughing hysterically during what appeared to be a torrential downpour. Beaming with joy while being pummeled with raindrops, a soaking wet Barrymore yelled, “Whenever you can go out into the rain, do not miss the opportunity!”

Let’s all try to love anything as much as Drew Barrymore loves windows and rain.