Holy Crap

Harry And Megan Get Real About Being Products Of Divorce In New Docuseries

The royal duo’s docuseries just dropped on Netflix, and it's revealing more than we could imagine.

First installment of Harry Megan is released.

Attention, attention, this is not a drill! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have officially made their debut on our screens, with Netflix releasing the first three episodes of the six-part docuseries Harry and Megan.

The teaser was released on December 1st, and another was dropped on December 6th. Both trailers give glimpses into what the pair will discuss, and among things like their marriage and life in the U.S. with their family, they are most notably shedding light on their time under the British monarchy. There are even correlations to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, and insinuates parallels between her and Meghan.

And in the series’ second episode, Harry shares the reasons he’s spoken out about racism and injustice, saying, “My children are mixed race, and I’m really proud of that. When my kids grow up, and they look back at this moment and they turn to me and say what did you do in this moment? I want to be able to give them an answer.”

“It’s such a responsibility as human beings that if you bring a small person into this world that you should be doing everything you can to make the world a better place for them,” he adds.

The duo both then open up about being the products of divorced parents, and how that has affected them. “There’s so much from anyone’s childhood that you bring with you into the present,” Meghan says, “especially when you’re the product of divorce.”

“I think most kids who are the product of divorced parents have a lot in common,” Harry adds. “No matter what your background is, being pulled from one place to another, or maybe your parents are competitive or you’re in one place longer than you wanna be and in one place less than you wanna be, there’s all sorts of pieces to that.”

“Even though my parents co-parented well, you think about how that informs what you grow up to be and what you want,” says Meghan, who then recites a poem she learned in school about having two homes.

While we’re all watching the docuseries along with you, there will surely be more sweet moments — and bombshells — to come.

The second installment of the series will air on December 15th on Netflix.