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Hilary Duff's Daughter Banks Celebrated Her 4th Birthday At A Harry Styles Concert

What a "golden" memory for this cool preschooler, who sang along to Harry's hits.

Hilary Duff's daughter Banks is a Harry Styles fan, and had quite the birthday celebration.

You know you had a good birthday when you’re singing along to Harry Styles songs at the megastar’s concert. And if you’re only turning 4 years old then, wow, what a core memory!

Hilary Duff’s daughter Banks Bair got the experience of a lifetime when her parents and older brother, Luca Comrie, 10, joined her at “Harry’s House” in Los Angeles on Sunday. According to her mom and dad — musician Matthew Koma — the preschooler, who turned 4 on Tuesday, was “hyped for Harry” and had the best time at his tour date.

The parents shared photos and videos from Banks’ experience on Instagram, in which she can be seen cheesing big and singing the lyrics of Styles’ hit song “Watermelon Sugar” alongside Duff.

“Harry 4th Birthday Banks Bair,” Koma, 35, captioned a video. “May you always sing with the most engaged and concerned look on your face. Love you more than you’ll grow up to love Dawes.”

Banks Bair is so rad.

Banks, who is big sister to 19-month-old Mae James, was celebrated on social media Tuesday, with Duff, 35, writing, “B•A•N•K•S~ you emit the most powerful sparkly happy essence I’ve ever been around !!! The unicorn of our family. The stories we have on you bring us the most joy! Keep lighting up the world baby girl! 4 years with you have gone by in a blink! And every moment is cherished… happy birthday to a really cool kid 💞we love you maximum.”

Banks turned 4 on Oct. 25.

Duff, a child star turned beloved celebrity mom, told E! News last month that she could totally see Banks getting into the entertainment business.

"She loves to perform, so I love watching her," Duff told Daily Pop. "We'll be driving and I'll just adjust my mirror to see what she's doing back there, and she is really putting on a show."

A true artist, who has a great sense of style, too!

Banks, the fashionista!

In terms of expanding her brood, Duff told Romper in February that she doesn’t think she’s done having kids, but the days are chaos-filled, for sure.

“It’s psychotic, I know. We might be [done],” she said. “I don’t know. I love being a parent with Matt.”

Duff added, “We are obsessed with our kids, even though we’re so exhausted. My entire life’s mission is to be a good parent.”

You’re so golden, Hilary!