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This Home Alone Theory Will Change The Way You Watch The Christmas Classic

*Insert Kevin’s iconic scream pose here.*

Written by Kelly Schremph
Macauley Culkin stars as Kevin McCallister in the Christmas classic 'Home Alone.'
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If there’s one holiday movie that is unanimously beloved by adults and kids alike, it has to be Home Alone. Every kid, at some point or another, has dreamed about what it would be like to have the house all to themselves. No grown-ups. No rules. Add to that Kevin getting to take down two bad guys through a series of genius (if not slightly maniacal) pranks, and this film is instantly iconic. But what if home invasion and accidental child neglect aren’t the only indiscretions to be found throughout this classic flick? One Home Alone theory suggests there’s an underlying secret within the McCallister clan that will totally change the way you watch this Christmas movie from here on out.

Everyone knows (and mutually dislikes) Kevin’s uncle, Frank McCallister. He’s selfish and mean and constantly mooching off his brother financially. Yet despite his altogether unpleasantness, he always seems particularly cruel to Kevin and treats him harshly — more so than anyone else in the family. But why? Given how many kids are in that family, it doesn’t make sense for Kevin to be the only target of Uncle Frank’s wrath. (I mean, has Frank even met Buzz?)

It feels extremely unfair the way Kevin gets treated. On multiple occasions, Uncle Frank calls him a “little jerk” right to his face in the first film, while in the sequel, he calls him a “nosey little pervert,” threatens to “slap him silly,” and tells him not to wreck his trip, “you little sour puss.” Not to mention, when Buzz pulls a mean prank on Kevin at the Christmas concert, Frank deems it hilarious.

So, what’s with all the animosity toward Kevin? One Reddit user may have unearthed a possible reason that’ll leave you in a perpetual state of Kevin-Aftershave-Scream pose.

Reddit user nanika1111 believes that Kevin’s mom had an affair with her husband’s brother, which resulted in Kevin being born and would thereby make Uncle Frank Kevin’s biological father. This could explain why he seems to single Kevin out all the time. It could either be his strange way of showing affection, or he simply thinks of Kevin as a constant reminder of his infidelity and betrayal.

And it’s possible that his brother was made aware of the affair or at least had some suspicions regarding Kevin’s DNA.

If you go back and really focus on Kevin’s dad’s reaction to the whole accidentally-leaving-Kevin-home-alone ordeal, he really doesn’t seem all that concerned about it, especially when compared to his wife. She tries anything and everything to get back home to Kevin, while the dad seems really to give up fairly quickly.

Even when they reunite at the end of the film, nanika1111 finds it to be somewhat cold and distant. Taking that notion even further, let’s not forget that the dad was supposed to be watching over Kevin in the second film when they were at the airport. Kevin pleads to his dad to wait for him, but he doesn’t appear to hear or listen to him. Yet you’d think keeping an eye on Kevin would be a top priority this time around, given what happened last time, right?

Real-life brothers and Home Alone co-stars Macaulay (L) and Kieran (R) Culkin.

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The theory also works well with the fact that Kevin and his cousin Fuller look so much alike. This is due to the fact that Fuller is actually Macaulay Culkin’s real-life brother, Kieran Culkin. Perhaps art was starting to imitate real life.

Sure, it’s highly possible that Uncle Frank was just a mean guy, and his behavior toward Kevin was simply due to the fact that he’s a bad person. But it’s definitely an interesting idea to theorize and will add an extra level of intrigue and mystery to your viewing experience this holiday season.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!