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The Wiggles Has A Hot New Cast Member, & Moms Can't Get Enough

New Wiggle? Yummy, yummy.

John Pearce, who plays the purple Wiggle, has officially been dubbed one of the hottest reasons to t...

If you haven’t been watching The Wiggles as of late, now might be a good time to start again — at least to the moms blowing up a new Wiggles member’s comment section on TikTok. John Pearce, known as “Big Strong John,” the purple skivvy-wearing, fitness-loving new addition to the Wiggles, has a lot of moms expressing some big and strong feelings of their own.

Pearce, 31, is an Australian dancer and entertainer who joined The Wiggles in 2021, and he’s been getting a lot of attention since the 2022 'Fruit Salad TV' Big Show' arena tour in Australia. Moms with kids of all ages (and, um, even those without kids) have since become new Wiggles fans.

“I don’t have little kids anymore but suddenly I’m a wiggles fan,” one person commented on a TikTok of Pearce being magically changed from a tank top and athletic shorts into his Wiggles attire. “Ok my sons are 22, 26 & you think they want Wiggles Concert Tickets for Christmas???” joked another.

Moms weren’t the only ones with a sudden renewed interest in the children’s program. “Literally having a kid to watch wiggles right now,” said one. “I was forced to watch the wiggles with my little brother & now im not being forced and very much enjoying the content,” wrote another.

And while the content Pearce posts is obviously age appropriate, some of the comments left are a little more risquè, to say the least. “I’ll take my fruit salad with a banana please,” joked one fan, referencing the popular Wiggles song as others made cross-references to Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar.”

“This gives hot potato a whole new meaning,” another commented on his “Hot Potato 2.0” video.

“I don’t remember the fruit salad being this yummy growing up,” commented another.

Unfortunately for all the moms thirsting for the purple Wiggle, Pearce is off the market. The performer married his wife Jessie in 2019, and the two appear to be going strong. Still, this doesn’t mean that some moms might just tune in to The Wiggles for some fun for the entire family.

Anyone else just find their kid’s new favorite show?