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How Jamie Chung Keeps From ‘Losing Herself’ As A Parent To Twins

Jamie Chung opens up about motherhood and how she keeps it together.

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Jamie Chung is getting a good handle on motherhood, from how to keep her marriage with Bryan Greenberg alive, to all the ways she maintains her sense of self even while juggling multiples. She chatted with US Weekly this week and shared that being a mother is a “dream role that I never thought I really would love this much.”

Chung and Greenberg welcomed twin boys in October 2021 — and haven’t gotten a ton of rest since then.

Chung admitted that her biggest challenge now is “not losing yourself as a parent,” and trying to keep it together without losing her sanity or her identity, which is tough for most parents.

“You have to take care of yourself. You have to give yourself those 10 minutes, those 30 minutes, that hour for you to do you. Because you cannot lose your identity,” she shared. “You will become miserable. You’re giving so much to keep these babies alive and to keep them happy and to keep them entertained and keep them soothed. It’s nonstop quite literally. So, it’s really important. You find that, that moment for yourself.”

Relatable AF.

When it comes to her love life, Chung says they make time for romance, saying “We just went on our first date when his parents were in town and we went to go see a movie and, like, that’s quite luxurious, but even when the kids are napping, we find the time to connect.”

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While quality time is absolutely key when you’re new parents, so is mental health. Chung isn’t just surviving motherhood, she’s also working on herself. That includes making time for therapy.

“When the kids go down, we find the time to check up on each other, to make sure that he’s doing OK, that I’m doing OK. I feel like therapy helps me a lot to work out all of my issues and it’s something that I don’t wanna pass on to my kids. I think we’re all a constant work in progress. Lot of work in progress,” she shared.

In the past, Chung has also said that her family and friends and the community have been vital in getting through those first months with twins. She put it more succinctly on Instagram: “It takes a f—king village.”