Double The Trouble

Jamie Chung Shows What Life With Twins (And 1 Tired Dad) Looks Like

The actor shared an honest peek into her and husband Bryan Greenberg’s life as new parents to 5-month-old boys.

by Lauren Levy
Bryan Greenberg feeding baby Instagram

Anyone who has ever had a baby — or even just seen someone parent a baby — knows that it’s not always easy. But when you throw a second tiny human into the mix at the exact same time? That can create a level of exhaustion only twin parents or those with multiples can fully understand. Which is why actress Jamie Chung is sharing a glimpse into her life these days.

And her filter-free, twin-parent honesty is so damn relatable.

Chung — who welcomed twin boys with her husband, Bryan Greenberg, five months ago — shared a candid video update on Instagram Tuesday, along with an equally relatable caption. In the clip, the 38-year-old mom shows the glamorous reality of life as they now know it: an exhausted Greenberg multitasks like a champ as he rocks and feeds one twin while overseeing the other on a play mat.

“Becoming a parent is the best thing that will happen to you, they said,” she captioned the video.

Instead of making new parenthood look easy for them, Chung deliberately chose to show that it’s anything but perfect. “This is what it’s really like raising twin 5 month old babies,” she wrote. “Had a good morning cry, ran away for a 45 min workout and now I can laugh about it.” And no, that long morning cry she’s referring to wasn’t from one of her infants.

With only this quick snapshot into their lives, Chung nails the struggle that so many parents, whether doing it alone or with the help of a partner, experience yet too often don’t share. She wants everyone to know that yes there are sleepless nights and absolute twin chaos — and there’s nothing wrong with that. “If you emailed me and haven’t heard a reply, I thank in advance you for your patience,” she joked.

From the look of her comments, she isn’t the only celebrity new mom who is ready to admit that the struggle is real, despite what you might see elsewhere on Instagram.

"You guys are amazing. I had a hard enough time with 1 baby. Hang in there!!!" “wrote actor Claire Holt.

“Feeling for you girl. Having 2 under 2 I’ve said.. ‘but what if I had multiples?!’ I can’t even imagine,” added singer Christina Milian.

And Chung isn’t the only celebrity new mom of twins who is keeping it real across social media lately. Fellow twin mom Ashley Graham, who also recently welcomed twin boys, is another famous mama dropping candid twin truths on social media.

Her transparent posts include updates on the realities of adjusting to life with 2-month-old Malachi and Roman as well as her 2-year-old son, Isaac. In a March 16 post, the model kicked back in a camouflage print jacket and Nikes while showing off her current essentials: “phone keys wallet breast milk.” Some might not expect to find a Medela bottle full of milk in a celeb’s Hermes bag, but again — that’s her reality of life with twins.