Hunter McGrady Calls Out Fatphobia In the Medical Field With Instagram Post

by Lauren Gordon
Hunter McGrady wearing a black dress with white polka dots and smiling
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

In a collage of pics, mom and model Hunter McGrady shows how medical discrimination can happy at various plus-sizes

Women are at a disadvantage at the doctor’s office in America, especially plus-size women. Studies have proven that fatphobia, or size discrimination, have severe impacts on a patient’s care. Doctors typically use an antiquated scale (BMI) to determine health, and sometimes, more serious issues are written off as needing to lose weight. And that’s true even for plus-size celebrity women.

New mom, model, and long-time fat activist Hunter McGrady has experienced it first hand. To further illustrate and prove her point, McGrady shared a collage of photos that shows her body at different sizes and states throughout her life.

“Swipe through to see every version of myself that has experienced fatphobia in the medical field,” she captioned it. “I’ve always been told to lose weight. I’ve always been told that any ailment I had was due to weight. Even at my thinnest the BMI scale decided I was too large, even though every test, every vital was good to go it wasn’t good enough in their eyes. Fatphobia in the medical field exists and is alive and well.”

How does she know this? She claimed that she and her sister, Michaela McGrady received thousands of messages from other fat folks who claim to have been mistreated by doctors. McGrady then told fans that she and her sister would be delving further into this on her podcast The Model Citizen.

Of course, McGrady isn’t the first to talk about this publicly. Just recently, model and activist Tess Holliday opened up about having an eating disorder which was not believed by “fans” and medical professionals alike because of her size.

No matter what anyone looks like, they need to be taken seriously when it comes to their symptoms and the medical help they need. Their weight shouldn’t prevent doctors from doing their basic jobs.