Haters gonna hate

Ice-T And Coco Austin Respond To Criticism Over Their Daughter Chanel Twerking

The couple stands firm on their position and tells the public to back off.

Coco Austin and Ice-T tell the world back off when faced with criticism over video of daughter Chane...
Sean Zanni/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Social media is brimming with fun family videos this holiday season; one, in particular, has the public talking. In a recent post from Coco Austin, the TV personality is seen dancing with her family in Christmas pajamas. Seven-year-old daughter Chanel joins in and begins to twerk.

The video sparked much controversy given her age, and Coco and Ice-T have responded to the backlash.

“Gotta love family time! The adults in our family were doing a TikTok, and Chanel runs out in the middle to bust a move to make us laugh. She loves to joke,” Chanel wrote in the post.

The family was decked out in rainbow Christmas light pajamas on their front lawn, which was beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. As they prepared to do the TikTok trending dance to Beyonce’s “Cuff it,” Chanel jumped in to dance, too. The family then cheered her on as she danced to “Shake it” by M.C. Shy-D.

Even though Chanel had already clarified that Chanel was imitating the character Tina Belcher from Bobs Burgers, and it was just all in good fun, it didn’t stop the public from having strong opinions about it.

“I don’t find this ok, especially on social media. There’s so many sick minds out here, this child’s safety and privacy should be kept better. But, to each their own,” one person wrote. “It's weird when you guys sexualize kids,” another commented.

Ice - T and Coco aren’t phased, though. The SVU actor responded to the backlash with a post on his own Instagram page, sharing an image of a quote, reading, “Everyone is going to hate you anyway... so you might as well give them a reason.”

Celebrity parents are damned if they do, damned if they don’t these days.

“Christmas is over... My advice is you go into 2023 with THIS attitude if you want to WIN,” he followed up with in his caption.

While there were some negative Nancys, others totally understood that it was innocent fun and defended Coco in the comments.

“I normally wouldn’t agree with a little girl twerking, but cocoa can do no wrong in my eyes. I love me some cocoa. Your daughter is a doll, and I know in my heart it wasn’t made to look like she was twerking, just simply dancing & busting a move. Nothing malicious about this. You are a great mom! Chanel made me chuckle; she's so funny; her laugh is contagious, I love it,” one follower gushed.

“Just a child having fun PLEASE stop making this bigger than a child having fun,” someone commented, while another wrote, “Clearly she’s doing the Tina, y’all, simmer down and watch some Bob’s Burgers.”

Looks like no one is raining on Chanel’s parade - Go, Chanel!