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Ina Garten Still ‘Sexts’ With Her Husband Of Over 50 Years

The Food Network star and her husband Jeffrey once again prove they are #relationshipgoals.

Jeffrey and Ina Garten attend the "Barefoot Under the Stars" event at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard on...
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Ina Garten has been living her best life for as long as the world can remember, and in case you forgot, she’s reminding us all again. Garten recently visited The Drew Barrymore Show, where she revealed that she still sends her husband of fifty-three years “love texts.”

Ina isn’t shy about getting a little TMI, and it’s one of the most lovable things about her beside her coconut cake.

According to reports from PEOPLE, the iconic chef will be appearing on an episode of the show that airs November 21st, where she chats candidly about her longstanding marriage with her husband, Jeffrey Garten.

The Barefoot Contessa has always been open about her marriage, sharing that while Jeffrey was in the army, they used to send each other love letters. Drew asked, “He doesn't send letters now, but is it true that he sends you love texts?”

She admitted that it was true but joked that they “sometimes they go astray.”

She went on to recount a time when Jeffrey accidentally sent a frisky text to the wrong person, explaining, “My dear friend, who’s also my publicist, he sent a text to her, and he meant it for me, and he said, ‘You're gonna be delicious tonight,’ and it went to her,” Garten laughed. “She was like, ‘Woah.’ She sent back, ‘I don't think this was meant for me.’”

Ina, can you not? Just kidding, go on.

Barrymore asked if her publicist was embarrassed by the mishap, and she replied, “I’d imagine so.”

If you are a longtime fan of The Barefoot Contessa, you are also keen on the always vibrant relationship between Ina and Jeffrey, who is featured frequently at the end of an episode when she serves him what she’s cooked up. The pair have been married since 1968 and will be celebrating their 54th anniversary next month.

Their relationship started with a love letter, too. When Ina visited her older brother at Dartmouth in 1963, Jeffrey was immediately smitten and sent a letter to her home.

"He saw me on the street and then sent me a letter with a photograph of himself in it," she told People in 2018. "I just remember running through the house and going, 'Mom, Mom, you've got to see this picture of this guy. He's so cute!'"

The pair, who are now 74 and 76, married when they were just 20 and 22.

Jeffrey has always been incredibly supportive of Ina’s career, whether she was working on the nuclear energy budget in the White House (true story!) or whether she had a crazy idea to open a speciality food shop. And he’s always been down to eat and travel with his true love.

Ina has an equally impressive reign on The Food Network, where she’s been cooking on The Barefoot Contessa since 2002 and is currently the oldest show to still be on the network’s daytime schedule. She also has a new cookbook, Go-To Dinners, which was just released last month and is now available in stores.

If my guy doesn’t tell me I’m delicious, I don’t want it.

You can watch Ina and Drew chat on Nov. 21 on The Drew Barrymore Show, streaming on Roku and Paramount Plus.