Best Friends Forever

Witness Pure Love At Its Finest As Boy Meets His Baby Brother For The First Time

Get those tissues ready.

Little boy is overcome with emotion over meeting his baby brother for the first time.

You never know how a child will react when introducing them to a new sibling. Some are overcome with joy while others could care less about their baby brother or sister. Well, you might want to get some tissues ready for this particular meet-and-greet because, whew, it’s emotional.

In a now viral TikTok video, user Briana Arielle shares the moment her nephew first met his baby brother in the hospital — and it’s honestly the epitome of pure love.

The clip begins with the little boy, dressed in a dinosaur sweatshirt, asking, “Mommy, where’s Hudson?” He then walks past the bassinet before realizing his brother is in it. He stares at the newborn with utter excitement before screaming, “Hudsooooon!”

“Hi,” he says through tears. “You’re my best friend forever.”

“I’m very excited,” he tells his mom, hugging her tightly as he’s overcome with emotion.

The sweetest video you’ll see today.

In part two of the video, the little boy declares, “I’m happy crying, OK?” as he continues to embrace his mom.

“He got me happy crying at work 🤣🤣,” commenter Dyamond Brooks wrote, with another TikTok user writing, “I love that he was aware enough of his emotions to know it was a happy cry. Not many kids that age can do that.”

User Katie Sebetto added, “He is the sweetest boy 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 such a sweet sensitive kid he’s gonna be great in life ❤️❤️❤️.”

Part Two of the too adorable video.

The initial video has garnered over 10 million views and was shared by countless social media accounts.

Sibling connection can be tricky to find, and these brothers will surely face some spats in the future, but this little dinosaur proves family love is instinctual.