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Watch Jessica Alba And Her Daughter Take On A TikTok Dance Challenge In Matching Outfits

The ‘Honey’ actor 11-year-old Haven have the moves.

Instagram / @jessicaalba

It seems like one of the best ways that parents can have a connection to their tween and teen kids is to get in on the fun of TikTok, even if it might jettison you from your comfort zone. Jessica Alba knows that all too well!

The Honest Company co-founder shared an Instagram throwback video of herself and her daughter — 11-year-old Haven — where the two wear matching outfits and dance along to a TikTok challenge.

“From the summer archives 🎞 thx @realadamrose for the dance inspo! 😜👯‍♀️,” she captioned the video.

The mother/daughter duo dance while wearing pink tank tops and white sweat pants. Alba chomps on some gum while dancing to the bizarre TikTok trend that you may or may not have missed over the summer. Alba and her daughter sync up their dance moves to a simple beat alongside the silly dance commandments: “Eat the chips, abuse your hips, kick the child, and pose. Wipe the gum off your shoe, double loser, take a picture, throw a tantrum, napkin shirt, magic spell, magic spell.”

For the original, we have Adam Rose to thank, an actor who has a cool four million TikTok followers and who is known for his blue cardigan and fun feed that mixes humor and dance.

The original dance video has over 16 million views, and over 32 thousand people have taken on the challenge with their own dances.

Bonding with Haven through dancing to silly TikTok songs may have been something Alba learned while in therapy. The actress opened up to Glamour about going to therapy with both of her daughters, and how much it had helped her relationships with them.

She explained that going to therapy has opened up a new channel of communication, with a third party person, who can help her girls express themselves and how they feel about Alba and her parenting journey.

“I was like, ‘Look, I’m not perfect. I’m not going to know all the answers, but I want to be a great parent to you. And what you like and don’t is different from what your sister likes and doesn’t like. And I’m going to make mistakes,’” she recalled telling her girls.”

“‘Here's a safe space, you can't get in trouble – let me know what I’m doing wrong, or what you would like me to do differently,” she continued. “‘Or how do you want me to discipline you when you do screw up? What does that look like for you? And how would you want to be treated so you can still feel like you have your dignity intact?’”

Seems like the perfect combination to a healthy mother/daughter relationship might be open and honest communication in therapy and twinning while dancing to TikTok songs.