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Jessie J Says She Will Have A Child ‘Whichever Way It Happens’

The singer, who had a miscarriage last November, will continue to pursue motherhood.

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After facing a diagnosis of endometriosis and being told she wouldn’t be able to have children in 2014, Jessie J went ahead with a plan to pursue single parenting last year. Devastatingly, she had a miscarriage in November 2021, but she’s not giving up on motherhood.

In an interview with Michelle Visage on her BBC podcast, Rule Breakers, the singer spoke in detail about her loss and said that she remains determined to become a parent.

“For sure in the next two years I want to have a baby,” she said. “Whichever way it happens —naturally, surrogate, IVF, adopted, whatever. I’m open. I just have such maternal energy.”

Of her pregnancy, she said, “I did it by myself,” adding that she didn’t expect to become pregnant so easily. When doctors diagnosed her endometriosis, she was told that her options were to “manage the pain” or have a hysterectomy. Her response to them was, “I’m gonna be fine, I’ll have children thank you very much.”

Jessie J said she’s “so in tune” with her body after being diagnosed with a heart condition in childhood, having a stroke at age 18 and experiencing panic attacks. So, she woke up one morning knowing that “something wasn’t right” with her pregnancy. Later that day, she went in by herself for an ultrasound. When the doctor was quiet, Jessie J said, “Just tell me the truth,” and the doctor explained that a weak heartbeat signaled some sort of abnormality with the pregnancy.

“It felt like my whole world went numb,” she said. “I remember going into the street and falling to my knees and just crying.”

At the same time, she was preparing to return to the stage after a hiatus, saying, “my immediate reaction was, ‘Can I do the show tomorrow?’” In a now-deleted post, Jessie J shared the news of her loss with fans.

“I don’t know if I regret that or not. I didn’t protect myself. I let the world know about it,” she told Visage.

“I’ve written songs about it,” she added of the miscarriage. “Maybe I’ll never share them, maybe I will. I am a woman that’s had a life that pushed me to become someone who can talk about painful things.”

In spite of how the pregnancy ended, Jessie J remains grateful.

“That is the experience of a lifetime for me. I was told that I would never, and so for me to experience the morning sickness, all of that — it could make me cry with happiness just that I got to do that, and I know that it will happen for me one day.”