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John Stamos Shares The Best Parenting Advice Bob Saget Gave Him

The pair met on the set of Full House and remained friends for life.

John Stamos reveals the best parenting advice Bob Saget gave him when he became a father..
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While John Stamos may have joined the dad club at a later stage in life than most, he is undoubtedly soaking up every minute of fatherhood. The 59-year-old just shared a video with his son on Instagram that was not only cute but that also had some fatherly advice provided by his late friend and Full House co-star, Bob Saget.

“For the first few months, I didn’t feel as connected with my son as I thought I would,” the actor admitted, who was fifty-five when his son Billy, 4, was born. “Bob Saget said just wait until the first time he laughs at you. If this doesn’t cheer you up on a Wednesday, nothing will.”

Name something more satisfying than a baby’s laugh — that’s right, you can’t.

While Billy’s laugh is beyond infectious, the sentimental share also got parents to get candid about their struggles with connection as well. “Honestly, I felt the same way. Bob was right, though. The first time my son looked at me and laughed like I was the funniest person in the world, it melted my heart. Thank you for being so open and honest on here,” one person wrote.

“Sometimes connections take time. When my daughter was born, it wasn't instantaneous, either. ❤️ and now she's all I can think about! She goes to sleep, and I look at pictures of her on my phone because I miss her even tho she's in the other room; haha parenthood hits everyone differently. Love this sweet video ❤️,” another commented.

Stamos’ wife of two years, Caitlin Mchugh, also commented on the post, gushing, “You’ve turned into the best father for our son. Love you both most.”

Stamos and Saget met on the set of the iconic Full House in the late 80s and remained close friends up until his passing in January of this year. On a visit to Live With Kelly And Ryan last month, John spoke highly of his dear friend, saying, “He was my great supporter and most reliable person.”

When speaking of his passing, he laments, “It’s been very difficult, to be honest with you, I love him so much, and the whole world did. One of the many heartbreaks specifically about it was he didn't know how loved he was, and it was a tsunami of love for him.”

He went on to share that his affinity for Bob and the way he loved others fiercely played a large role in the portrayal of his character on The Big Shot.

Sharing his parenting advice is such a sweet and meaningful way of remembering his friend.