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Katie Couric Gifts A Year's Worth Of Baby Formula To 111 Moms With Breast Cancer

The news correspondent surprised new moms who have the unique challenge of battling cancer while being first-time parents.

Katie Couric gave a year's worth of baby formula to 111 moms with breast cancer.
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Katie Couric is definitely in the Christmas spirit, and she is sharing it with the rest of the world in the most heartfelt way. The TV anchor, who is also battling breast cancer, has gifted 111 new moms who have been diagnosed with breast cancer a year’s supply of baby formula. In an era of formula shortages, you can consider this a Christmas miracle.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Couric reveals that she teamed up with organic baby formula company Bobbie, and nonprofit, Breasties, which supports cancer survivors and their families, to provide struggling new parents with some reprieve.

The 65-year-old shares, “One of the reasons I wanted to be public about my diagnosis is I know that I have the capability to influence public health in this country and to educate and inform people and arm them with the knowledge they need to live longer lives.”

“And not only is it a huge privilege, but also an enormous responsibility,” she continues. “I was really excited and honored to be a part of this initiative by Bobbie and to be able to share some really good news with so many of these women who have been through an awful lot and not only need emotional support but need financial support as well, some of them.”

Couric was diagnosed herself in July but didn't go public with her diagnosis till September.

She visited the TODAY show and shared that while she was shocked by the diagnosis, she feels so lucky that it was caught early on.

After the removal of her tumor discovered in a mammogram she almost forgot to take, Katie revealed she is now in remission. While she has always been an advocate for cancer, the mission is personal now, and she is dedicated to helping other women dealing with cancer, specifically moms.

“I think they were just a remarkable group of women. Having children is stressful enough and is a big adjustment and very hard on your body as it is, but [even more difficult] in their situations dealing with cancer diagnoses.”

Katie surprised the women with the news of $25,000 worth of formula on Zoom, prompting emotional responses from the mothers.

“Being selected as a part of the Bobbie Breasties program is one of those 'worst club, best members' moments, where I can't believe I'm fortunate enough to have this level of support amidst such a challenging experience," one of the moms, Berenice Lopez Leal says.

Shout out to Katie Couric for not only kicking cancer’s butt but paying it forward as well.