Round two

‘Sweat’ Co-Founder Kayla Itsines Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2

The fitness mogul broke the news with Women’s Health today.

Fitness mogul Kayla Itsines announces second pregnancy.
Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Australia’s most trendy personal trainer is doing more than sweating it out these days — she’s expecting baby number two! The fitness mogul shared the happy news exclusively with Women’s Health today, following the announcement of her engagement to Jae Woodroffe just a month ago. The happy couple will welcome their new addition in January 2023.

The famed trainer, who has a whopping 14.9M followers on Instagram alone, gushed to her followers with a photo of her and Jae holding an ultrasound photo while embracing with the caption, “We are SO excited to share the news that our family is growing. Arna cannot wait to be a big sister and @jaewoodroffe, and I could not be more happy right now!!!!! SO much to celebrate & be grateful for! We can’t wait to share this journey with you.”

She also shared her announcement more officially with the media.

“I am so excited to start this next chapter with Jae and have never felt happier,” Itsines shared with Women’s Health.

Kate is already a mom to daughter Arna, 3, from a previous relationship, and this will be Woodroffe’s first. “Family is so important to both of us, and I can’t wait to watch Jae become a dad, he has so much love to give and is amazing with Arna and his nieces and nephews. Arna is so excited that there is a baby in mum's tummy — she’s so caring, and I know that she is going to be the best big sister,” Kate shared.

The ‘Sweat’ App Co-Founder was transparent about her fitness journey during her first pregnancy, revealing it wasn’t as easy to exercise as much as she would’ve liked, saying, “It's pretty incredible what the female body is capable of doing and the changes it goes through during pregnancy and birth. During my first pregnancy, I experienced morning sickness until about 26 weeks, so I wasn’t able to move my body much at all during the first and second trimester.”

“However, this time round, thankfully, I only experienced morning sickness until about week 9, and so far, I’m feeling happy and healthy. This pregnancy definitely feels a lot different; I have a better understanding of what happens to the body during pregnancy and what to expect — I feel much calmer and more relaxed. I think most second-time mums would agree that your second pregnancy doesn’t feel as overwhelming or scary,” she added.

As for this pregnancy, she says she's going to take it ‘one day at a time’ and enjoy the journey. However, she admits that every pregnancy is different and that ‘you never know until you're in it.” When it comes to her plans for reintroducing exercise again postpartum, she says, “I’m not focusing on that right now, but I will, of course, be working closely with my doctors and will be easing back into exercising to slowly rebuild and regain my strength.”

For this pregnancy, Kayla still plans on being candid about her relationship to fitness during and after pregnancy, saying, “I have been sharing my life and workouts with my community on social media for more than 10 years now, and as a personal trainer, for me, movement is a big part of my life and is always going to be a big part of my pregnancy and postnatal journey. My hope in sharing how I'm moving my body throughout the various stages of my pregnancy and the postnatal journey is to show women that exercise can be a great way to help you regain strength and care for your physical and mental health throughout all phases of your life.”

For now she is ‘taking each day as it comes’ and listening to what her body needs. She says she has stopped most cardio and high-intensity exercises but is still active, with a focus on strength training. “I am testing out some of the new workouts from my pregnancy program, which will be launching in September and am particularly enjoying weight training with high reps. I am also loving my walks; I try to get my steps up as much as I can each day,” she concluded.

Congrats, Kayla! And thanks for being a role model when it comes to listening to your body and engaging in sensible body movement during pregnancy.