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Kelly Ripa Had No Idea Her Son Micheal Made People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Issue

Ripa’s jaw literally dropped when she found out on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Michael Consuelos and his mom Kelly Ripa. Watch Kelly react to finding out Michael was voted one of ...
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It looks like Kelly Ripa has some big feelings about her 25-year-old son Michael Consuelos making People’s “Sexist Man Alive” issue. The Live with Kelly and Ryan host was completely caught off guard when her cohost Ryan Seacrest revealed that her son had made the cut.

Apparently Michael Consuelos didn’t think it was a big enough deal to alert his mom about!

Seacrest pulled out the issue and talked about the pressures Chris Evans must feel as this year’s official Sexiest Man Alive. As he continued to flip through the issue, Seacrest said, “I’m flipping through... and I see this page ‘Gen Next’ ... Michael is one of the sexiest people alive.” Seacrest then showed the photo of Ripa’s son, whom she shares with husband Mark Consuelos, to the camera.

Ripa’s mouth dropped as she reached for the magazine. “Are you kidding me? Give me this.” She put on her glasses to study the photo of her son sporting a green blazer sans shirt and a smoldering gaze that bears a striking resemblance to his father’s.

“He’s taking after his father, there’s no shirt,” she said, studying the photo. “You would think he would tell us so we’d pick up a couple of copies for the grandparents,” she joked as she continued to take in the page.

"First of all, it's funny, I forget that they look alike until I see photos of them like that. It’s crazy, right?," she says, looking at a side-by-side of Michael and his father when he was in his mid-20s. She then starts to read the writeup and gets in a playful jab about her husband’s alleged “work ethic.”

"'Michael respects his father's work ethic,' " she reads in a mock serious tone. "Yeah, he worked one day last week.”

Even though she was caught off guard, Ripa still was a proud mama in this moment. She took the magazine and turned it to the camera and started gushing about her son.

“Michael Consuelos. I always considered you a handsome young fellow. Conscientious, hardworking, diligent, respectful,” she said. “I had no idea that you were considered sexy,” she whispered with a bit of a cringed face. “I always found his father to be sexy,” she noted.

For the honor, Michael appeared in a video and talked about how his parents “went to great efforts to kind of raise me as ‘normal’ as possible.”

And let’s be honest, it feels somewhat normal to not call your mom to alert her that you have been voted one of the sexiest people alive. Watch the hilarious clip below: