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Lin-Manuel Miranda Has A Hilarious Solution For Parents With ‘Encanto’ Songs Stuck In Their Head

Is ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ ruining your life? Lin-Manuel Miranda can help.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda talks to the audience about a medical solution for families whose kids can't stop...
(Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC)

Ever since Encanto premiered back in November, parents have delighted — and then, perhaps, started to grow wary and even a little bit annoyed — at how much their children have enjoyed the film, particularly its catchy soundtrack. The movie’s breakout hit, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” is inescapable, and, honestly, what else would you expect from songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda, who penned every ear worm in Hamilton and Moana?

Fortunately, if you are one of many parents whose eye now starts twitching at the opening bars of Encanto’s most popular song, there is now a solution to your woes — or at least a two-minute reprieve where you can feel less alone.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Miranda did a hilarious spoof spot for a medicine called “Encantix,” which promises relief for parents whose kids just watch and listen to Encanto on loop every waking moment of the day.

"Have the songs of Encanto brought your life to a joy-filled, yet grinding halt?" asks Miranda, donning a lab coat. "Now there's hope. Encantix, the only prescription medication clinically proven to curb your cravings for the Encanto soundtrack."

All parents have to do is follow Miranda’s simple instructions: pop one “pill” in each ear to "take a break from the sonic delights of national treasure Lin-Manuel Miranda... that’s me,” Miranda adds with a smile.

One mother looks into the camera and explains that before Encantix, her kids were listening to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” roughly 200-300 times a day. But thanks to Miranda’s revolutionary pills, the mother explains that, "we've gotten it down to a solid 125."

“Now I can spend less time singing and more time drinking at work,” says Jimmy Kimmel Live security guard Guillermo Rodriguez with a drink in hand.

Unfortunately, the miracle drug doesn’t help those who can’t get Miranda’s other catchy tracks out of their heads, so parents of kids still belting out “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana are out of luck.

“Encantix is not intended for use to curb Hamilton, Moana, or any other Disney musical,” a voiceover says at the end of the spoof commercial. “Call your doctor if you can’t stop talking about Bruno for more than four hours.”

We love that Miranda has a sense of humor about his catalogue — although we kind of hope that he gets Encanto ear worms worst of all.

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