Kelly Clarkson Is Stuck In An 'Encanto' Loop Just Like The Rest Of Us Kelly Clarkson Is Stuck In An 'Encanto' Loop Just Like The Rest Of Us

by Lauren Gordon

Quarantined at home, Kelly Clarkson digitally appeared on her own talk show to give fans a very real look into her life

COVID-19 has been a “grand equalizer” in many ways. When you are exposed or your child is, your little world needs to temporarily shut down. And if you’re a Grammy award-winning mom of two with her own talk show, that apparently applies to you as well.

Recently Taraji P. Henson swooped in and manned The Kelly Clarkson Show as a temporary host and funnily enough, they made Clarkson her guest. The singer and songwriter showed up via video chat in a delightfully relatable get-up. Donning a silk robe, comfy pajamas, a sleeping mask wrapped around her forehead and not a trace of makeup, Clarkson talked with Henson candidly about her home life as of late.

The mom of two cited her children’s penchant for “beige foods,” complained about home renovations, and even admitted her house is still fully decorated for Christmas.

But perhaps the most #relateable moment? When Henson brought up Clarkson’s recent tweet about Disney’s latest hit, “Encanto.”

When Henson asked her to elaborate, Clarkson noted that while she loves the movie, every time they watch it it’s like watching “three different versions” of it.

She describes the movie playing in the background while her one kid belts out the tunes and the other repeats every single line “as if I’m [sic: Clarkson] not in the room.”

Ah celebrities. They’re just like us.