Pilk for you, Glen Coco!

Lindsay Lohan Gets Back In Her ‘Mean Girls’ Holiday Outfit To Make Dirty Sodas

Lindsay Lohan mixed Pepsi and milk, so I mixed Pepsi and milk.

Lindsay Lohan donned her Mean Girls holiday outfit to try out the latest TikTok trend of dirty sodas...

The Lindsay Lohan Renaissance is in full revival, y’all. The Falling for Christmas actor just teamed up with Pepsi to hop on the dirty soda trend that has taken over TikTok with a holiday, Mean Girls twist.

Donning her holiday outfit from the iconic talent show in Mean Girls, Lohan indulges in some “Pilk and cookies” — a combo of Pepsi and milk. She cracks open a Pepsi and pours into a glass of ice. “Nice,” she says. “Oh, naughty,” she says, adding some milk to her already poured soda. “Pepsi and milk: pilk!” she says, taking a sip, adding, “that is one dirty soda.” Sounds like something Cady Heron would describe as “grool.”

"Partnering with Pepsi to announce Pilk and Cookies has been an incredible experience," Lohan said in a release.

"As someone who loves the holiday season and embracing new traditions, I was thrilled to have a little bit of fun with Pepsi and their take on the dirty soda. For people learning about Pilk for the first time, I won't lie to you when I say I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of this pairing, but after my first sip I was amazed at how delicious it was, so I'm very excited for the rest of the world to try it."

Anyone else skeptical of the whole dirty soda trend should consider following Lohan’s advice. Also known as Utah Soda or Utah Dirty Soda, the tradition of combining soft drinks with combinations of flavored creamers, whipped cream, and even candy isn’t anything new. Soda shops are wildly popular in Utah, a heavily Mormon state, and the wild concoctions are popular with folks who do not drink hot caffeinated drinks for religious reasons, according to Spoon University.

The mixing of these sugary mocktails has taken over TikTok as of late, with some Utah natives sharing some of their own spins on dirty soda, along with some tried and true combos.

Pepsi is giving away a cash prize to anyone who shares their own video enjoying Pilk and cookies from December 1 through Christmas Day (December 25). They also provided a few recipes for those wanting to add a spin to the traditional Pilk:

  • The Naughty & Ice: For a pure milk taste that's infused with notes of vanilla, measure and combine 1 cup of whole milk, 1 tbsp of heavy cream and 1 tbsp of vanilla creamer. From there, pour the mixture slowly into 1 cup of Pepsi – the brand's hero product – and consume it alongside a chocolate chip cookie.
  • The Chocolate Extreme: Blend 1/3 cup of chocolate milk and 2 tbsp of chocolate creamer together, transfer the mixture to 1 cup of smooth & creamy Pepsi Nitro to enjoy the richness of the flavor atop of a frothy foam head. This "Pilk" will satisfy the chocoholic in you, especially by pairing it with a double chocolate cookie.
  • The Cherry on Top: A hint of cherry always sweetens the deal. Combine ½ cup of 2% milk, 2 tbsp of heavy cream and 2 tbsp of caramel creamer. To bring the complex flavors to life, place the mixture into 1 cup of Pepsi Wild Cherry while pairing the drink with a gingerbread cookie.
  • The Snow Fl(oat): An oatmeal-based cookie loaded with raisins is sure to complement an oat milk "Pilk." Start by taking ½ cup of oat milk and adding 4 tbsp of caramel creamer. Then, slowly pour the sweet mixture into a glass filled with 1 cup of Pepsi Zero Sugar.
  • The Nutty Cracker: Combine ½ cup of almond milk and 4 tbsp of coconut creamer and place the mixture atop a pool of smooth & creamy Nitro Pepsi Vanilla. For true richness, pair with a coated peanut butter cookie.

Are you a regular mom, or are you a cool mom that is going to hop on this dirty soda trend?