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Mandy Moore Gives The Cutest Glimpse Into Family Life With 'Four Moons' Music Video

The actor and singer shares intimate moments of her husband and their 1-year-old son.

Mandy Moore and her husband and son star in her new music video, 'Four Moons.'.
Mandy Moore/YouTube

Mandy Moore is now the reigning queen of the family-friendly music video. The singer and This Is Us star, 38, shared her new single, “Four Moons,” on Thursday and posted an accompanying video that prominently features her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, and their 1-year-old son, August or “Gus.”

Where do the days go? / When did the clock start ticking, picking up tempo? / There ain't a step I'm skipping / I'm in a free flow,” Moore sings as videos of her family flash across the screen. There is even a sweet moment where the couple celebrates Gus’ first birthday and they help him blow out a candle on his cake.

Mandy Moore’s video for “Four Moons,’ which features her husband and son.

“‘Four Moons’ is out in the world!! I love this song so much & I’m so excited to share this special video with you,” Moore wrote on Instagram. This is the second single off her forthcoming album In Real Life, set to be released on May 13.

In the video for the title track off the album, Moore and other celebrity parents — including Hilary Duff, Sterling K. Brown and Amanda Kloots — shared sweet glimpses into their daily lives. The cute music video racked up nearly 200,00 views and got people excited for Moore’s new music. She’s set to go out on tour after This Is Us wraps its sixth and final season next month — something she didn’t get to do with her last album due to the coronavirus lockdown.

“It was a way of finding some sort of catharsis during the pandemic,” Moore told Health about writing In Real Life. “My last record [Silver Landings] was the first bit of music I had put out in 11 years. It came out right before the pandemic started. We were four days away from going on tour, which was the first time I'd gone on tour since 2007 ... Hopefully, we'll be able to finally make up that tour that never happened — and we'll now be able to bring Gus with us.”

Gus in “Four Moons” music video.

Mandy Moore

Moore and Dawes frontman Goldsmith, who co-wrote the new album together, are loving every bit of parenthood — even the trying times. The mornings, though, are Moore’s favorite.

“When Taylor's here, which he mostly is, except when he's touring, we make our coffee and then walk into the nursery together,” she told Parents last year. “We open the curtains and say, ‘Hi, Gus,’ and this giant smile erupts on Gus's face. He's just so excited to see us. It's as if he thinks, ‘You're still here! You showed up again.’ We bring him back to our room and spend the first hour or so hanging out in bed together. Yeah, the morning is magical.”