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Melissa Joan Hart Is Playing A Grandma In A Lifetime Movie & People Are Not Okay

A clip of Hart in the film has gone viral.

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A video clip of Melissa Joan Hart is going viral on TikTok and not because she said something cancel-worthy or got cornered by paparazzi. Nope. The dear, sweet, ‘90s and early ‘00s icon is getting attention on social media when someone pointed out that, in a 2023 Lifetime film, Hart plays a grandmother.

Yes, your favorite teenage witch plays someone’s “meemaw” in a made-for-TV drama on Lifetime.

The clip is from the Lifetime movie Would You Kill For Me? The Mary Bailey Story which premiered in October of this year. Hart also happens to be an Executive Producer on the project.

“After a lifetime of abuse from the same man, three women — a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter - conspire to get rid of him once and for all,” the IMDB description for the film reads. Hart plays Mary Bailey’s grandmother, Ella.

The viral clip shows Hart and her grandchildren cooking what appears to be the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

“Oh, it’s ready!” Hart says in the clip while taking the turkey out of the oven.

“It’s perfect, grandma!” one of her grandkids replied.

Yes, grandma! And listen, it is totally plausible that a 47-year-old could be a grandma if she was a teen mom and her daughter was as well. I think the bigger issue is that we all still feel sixteen inside, and Melissa Joan Hart is still the lead in Clarissa Explains It All in our minds.

The comment section on the video did not disappoint with several users collectively wondering, “Where did the time go?”

“Is Melissa Joan Hart playing a Grandma? How old am I?” one user wrote.

Another echoed, “I feel attacked! Melissa Joan Hart is a grandmother? I'm pretty sure she's my age!”

“What the ... Melissa Joan hart as grandma. I feel personally attacked,” one user said.

“Did that little girl just call Clarissa Explains It All ‘grandma’??” one user joked.

The clip also made its way to X, where users shared similar sentiments.

“I need to go tell my husband that his childhood crush is a grandma. There's no reason I should suffer alone,” one user wrote on X.

Another joked, “Clarissa explains AARP.”

In real life, Hart is not a grandmother just yet. However, she is the mother to three sons — Mason, 16, Braydon, 14, and Tucker, 9.

Hart, who is married to musician Mark Wilkerson, commented on the discourse brewing over her grandma role.

After sharing Scary Mommy’s Instagram post, the Drive Me Crazy star commented on going viral for her role in the film and Hart, appropriately “explained” to us how she feels about the millenial outrage.

“Let me explain....While I'm proud of my performance in my most recent movie #WouldYouKillForMe, I couldn't be more flattered that people don't think of me as a grandmother (no matter how possible it is at the age of 47). It's also refreshing to go viral for my work and not something controversial.I guess now Clarissa can Explain AARP or play the Middle-Aged Witch,” she wrote.

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