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Mila Kunis Revealed That Ashton Kutcher Is Training Their Kids For A 5K

The actor caught the running bug after his recent marathon run in New York City.

Mila Kunis revealed that her husband, Ashton Kutcher, has already begun training their children for ...

Earlier this month, Ashton Kutcher took to the streets of New York City and ran his first marathon. Kutcher’s wife and actor Mila Kunis revealed that the experience was so meaningful to the That 70s Show actor that their kids are now getting in on the action.

The couple's daughter Wyatt, 8, and son Dimitri, 5, were so inspired by their dad’s experience and cheering on runners during the big race that Kutcher is now training them to run long distance too.

Kunis, 39, told PEOPLE at the Family Guy 400th episode celebration in Los Angeles that the kids are really on board for this new hobby exploration. “They want to run a 5K and today he started training our kids to run. They did a half-mile run today. It's very cute,” she explained.

Kutcher, 44, trained for months and raised over $1 million on behalf of his charity, THORN, which protects children from trafficking and online child sexual abuse.

While some may wonder if 8 and 5 years old are a bit young to start such a rigorous and physically demanding hobby, Kunis thinks that Kutcher’s performance at the marathon has been nothing but inspiring for their kids despite the toll on Kutcher’s body.

During an interview on the Today show before the big run, Kutcher explained that the training process took “a lot of time,” and that it can be “brutal on the body.”

Kunis thinks that it was all worth it to see how inspired their kids are now that Kutcher is an official marathon runner.

“He nailed it,” Kunis added. “He did awesome. It's amazing for kids to watch their parents go through it, because it's not easy. It takes a toll on your body, and so our kids got to see him overcome all of this. It was very cool.”

Though it seems almost the entire family is ready to take up running, the Black Swan actor says she’ll watch them from the sidelines. “I can lie and be like, ‘Absolutely!'" the actress said about the possibility of her entering a race. “But I'm not.”