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Watch A Mime Teach An Oblivious Dad A Lesson That A Lot Of Men Need

The man was caught walking behind his wife empty-handed as she carried both their baby and a backpack.

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A dad was shamed by a mime when he was caught walking empty-handed next to his wife, who was carryin...

Moms are superwomen, that is known. They can make lugging around a toddler in one arm and a handful of bags in the other look easy. But, just because they seemingly have it all together doesn’t mean they don’t need or deserve some help.

And a mime at Seaworld totally knows that.

During a visit to the aquatic theme park in Orlando, Florida, TikToker Ernest Palomo caught a mime performer calling out an empty-handed dad, who trailed behind his wife without a care in the world as she carried their toddler and a fully-loaded backpack. The mime received a round of applause from the crowd as he took the bag off the mom’s shoulder and passed it to her oblivious husband.

As the couple walks away (with the wife laughing and the husband looking a little disgruntled), the performer mimes call me! as the audience cheers.

The video went totally viral.

The clip now has 12.8 million views and more than 24,000 comments.

A man caught a mime teaching a dad a lesson at SeaWorld.

In an interview with the Today Show, the couple — Michelle and Nick Tzenevrakis — admitted they had no idea they were being filmed or that the video went viral.

“That mime totally caught me off guard,” Nick, 28, told Today. “At that moment, I was in a total daze. I was really hungry and my feet were hurting me.”

Poor guy.

Although that comment sounds very humorous after seeing his wife do all the heavy lifting in the video, Michelle stood up for Nick, explaining that he had been pushing the stroller around and helping out with their 13-month-old daughter, Kalliope, all day.

“Nick is the greatest father and I want to make sure that people know that,” Michelle, a teacher, said, revealing strollers were not permitted inside the sea lion show. “He does so much for us. He’s just awesome in every way.”

The public weighed on on dad’s misstep.

She might be supporting her husband after comments rolled in claiming he “looked pissed” and that “he’s one of the ‘I will NOT change diapers’ kind of guys.” However, other commenters pointed out that it’s more than likely Nick was doing his dad diligence prior to the footage capture.

“I thought it was pretty hilarious,” Palomo added of the whole ordeal to Today.

But, as one user shared, “The bigger problem is why they’re at SeaWorld.” And ain’t that the truth.

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