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27 Hilarious (And Cringe-y) Movies Like ‘American Pie’

Did someone say band camp?

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American Pie
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Remember American Pie? Of course you do! For many of us, it hit during that pivotal time in middle or high school when we were obsessed with teen movies like She’s All That and 10 Things I Hate About You. While those weren’t particularly innocent, nothing prepared us for the raunchiness and wildness of American Pie. We still snicker when we hear “band camp.” And apple pie will never not earn a cringe, thanks to that super weird pie-themed masturbating scene. The promiscuity, drama, and laughs were obviously amped-up for entertainment. We don’t know a single person who accidentally live-streamed a mortifying sexual experience — especially during their teenage years. Speaking of our awkward adolescence, most of us had to wait to rent the movie from Blockbuster because we were too young to see it in theaters. But neither the absurdity nor the wait ruined this gem for us. In fact, we’ve binge-watched the franchise so many times over the years that we’re now on the hunt for movies like American Pie to watch next.

Because here’s the truth: That OG film was an immediate classic, and many have tried to repeat the success since its release. The movies like American Pie listed below may not be as good as the original. What is, right? But they’re a little raunchy, a little relatable, and full of fun… just like the wild adventures of Jim, Michelle, Stifler, Finch, and the rest of the American Pie gang. Want to watch more people attempt risky behavior just to “feel alive?” Check out these flicks.

Movies Like American Pie

1. Superbad (2007)

Superbad is the epitome of a raunchy coming-of-age story. In their final weeks of high school, a group of less-than-cool friends set out on a mission to get drunk and get laid.

2. Old School (2003)

It’s got Will Ferrell — what more do we need to say? (Besides, perhaps, “You’re my boy, Blue!”) After a devastating break-up, a grown man finds himself living near a college and soon, with help from his friends, turns his house into a major party pad.

3. The Girl Next Door (2004)

The premise is shockingly simple: A straight-laced teen falls for a one-time porn star. Naturally, she teaches him what life is all about.

4. EuroTrip (2004)

Another post-breakup spiral, EuroTrip sees a group of recent high school graduates head to Europe to track down a German pen pal — who just happens to be super-hot. Scotty doesn’t know!

5. Road Trip (2000)

Is there anything that epitomizes the college experience more than a rushed road trip? This time, the voyage is a race against time to get to the post office and nab a sex tape sent to a cheating freshman’s girlfriend. So romantic.

6. Neighbors (2014)

What happens when you accidentally move in next door to a college party house? It apparently sucks if you have a baby, but we were too distracted by Zac Efron’s abs to commiserate with the new parents.

7. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

Oh, yes. The movie that made Kelly Clarkson a household curse (“Ahhhh, Kelly Clarkson!”). Can Steve Carell overcome — *gestures vaguely to the Steve Carell-ness of Steve Carell* — everything to finally have sex?

8. Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

It’s the movie that makes fun of all other teen movies! We’re here for it, albeit a little offended. Or seen. Eh, probably both.

9. Scary Movie (2000)

This movie is technically a riff on slasher flicks like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. It still belongs on our list since those films catered to teens, just like American Pie (even though, like most teen movies, it’s loaded with older actors pretending to be young people).

10. Porky’s (1981)

Think American Pie is the raunchiest movie you’ve ever seen? Then you probably haven’t watched this. If you can find the eye-rolling humor of guys trying to see breasts in truly invasive ways, go for it. TL;DR: No one could possibly make this movie today without serious backlash. It’s definitely off-color, but that doesn’t make it less of a classic in the raunchy teen comedy realm.

11. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

This movie was so freaking amazing that it took more than a decade for anyone to attempt a sequel. It takes place in a summer camp where even the counselors could use some adult supervision. And there are literally more than a dozen super famous actors and comedians that star in it.

12. Booksmart (2019)

This movie is what would happen if Superbad and American Pie had a baby. Olivia Wilde made her directional debut with this teenage buddy film, which follows two graduating high school seniors who hadn’t partied in their entire school career. Before heading off to college, they indulge in one night of fun, drugs, and sex. Let’s just say, sh*t gets very real.

13. Blockers (2018)

Blockers has a classic plot. Three high school seniors set out on a mission to lose their virginities on prom night. The budding adults have everything pretty much figured out, except their parents. After their parents overhear their plans for sexual debauchery, they create a plan of their own: C*ck block their kids. These parents go to great, ridiculous, and hilarious lengths to keep their kids from doing it.

Other Movies Like American Pie to Try

  1. Accepted (2006)
  2. Ted (2012)
  3. Ted 2 (2015)
  4. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002)
  5. Winter Break (2003)
  6. Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
  7. Sex Drive (2008)
  8. Fired Up! (2009)
  9. National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)
  10. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
  11. The Late Bloomer (2016)
  12. Easy A (2016)
  13. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)
  14. Dude (2018)

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