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20 Adventurous Movies Just Like ‘Jurassic Park’

You’re already humming the theme song, aren’t you?

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movies like jurassic park
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Jurassic Park is one of the most classic movies from the 1990s. The sci-fi adventure film, directed by Steven Spielberg, takes you to a wildlife park on a faraway island where dinosaurs have been essentially brought back from extinction. But with any deadly beasts, you have to expect that something goes wrong and some people don’t make it out alive. We love dinosaurs, but you have to admit they’re a little scary! While the film is scary it’s not as terrifying as Shutter Island or a psychological bender like Fight Club. Think of it as Jumanji for both kids and adults alike. The movie also includes the incredible score by John Williams and some truly incredible graphics for the time period. Throw in a top-notch cast that includes Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum and you have a cinematic masterpiece. It’s no wonder the original movie eventually led to numerous sequels and other projects.

If you loved Jurassic Park and you want more adventurous, scary movies to watch next — including more dinosaurs — don’t worry we have suggestions. Your first task is to watch all of the Jurassic Park movies, then check out all the suggestions ahead for movies like Jurassic Park.

Movies Like Jurassic Park

1. Jaws (1975)

Where Jurassic Park definitely has that tinge of a scare factor, Jaws does as well, but Jaws definitely takes it to another level. Both films feel reminiscent of each other, with mammoth scary creatures wreaking havoc on things and taking people out on the way. If you prefer your scary creatures to be under the water rather than on land, though, Jaws is for you.

2. Tremors (1990)

Talk about a cult classic. Tremors is the most ’90s-tastic film about scary things that’s also so campy and delightful. The comedy horror film about worm-like creatures called Graboids spawned several sequels that get better and better (read: worse and worse). Though this one reaches for that scare factor, it falls squarely in the funny category, which we love.

3. Zathura (2005)

Leaning more toward the adventurous side of Jurassic Park, Zathura is about a group of kids on an adventure in outer space. It’s actually based on a book from the same author as Jumanji, so you know the adventure factor is high up there. This one is more of a family-friendly adventure story than some of the other ones here.

4. Twister (1996)

Now you want to talk about an adventure — Twister may not have dinosaurs but this movie’s monster is Mother Nature. Instead of outrunning prehistoric beasts, the characters in this film are trying to outrun wicked tornadoes, and boy does it get intense. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time and may just get scared for your own next storm.

5. Independence Day (1996)

Want a different kind of scary monster? How about aliens? Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum stars in this one as well and is part of trying to save the planet from an alien attack. The disaster flick is over the top and at times funny (it also stars Will Smith, after all) and brings a whole new layer to the sci-fi, scary, adventure movie.

6. Dinosaur (2000)

For a kid-friendly take on the dinosaur movie, try Dinosaur. You’ll still get all the dino-licious scenery, just in animated form. Plus, this movie is way less scary, and by way less, we mean not really at all. It does have some thrills along the way but it’s more about the adventure than the scary bits.

7. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Truthfully all of the Indiana Jones films are a great complement to Jurassic Park, but starting at the beginning with Raiders of the Lost Ark is the best way to go. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is all about adventure, and while you won’t necessarily have any scary beasts like dinosaurs or sharks here, you’ll still find yourself on a thrilling adventure alongside the archaeologist.

More Movies like Jurassic Park

  1. King Kong (2005)
  2. Planet of the Apes (2001)
  3. San Andreas (2015)
  4. Godzilla (1998)
  5. Doom (2005)
  6. Rim of the World (2019)
  7. Anaconda (1997)
  8. Raptor Island (2004)
  9. Hook (1991)
  10. Dante’s Peak (1997)
  11. Okja (2017)
  12. The Fly (1986)
  13. Deep Blue Sea (1999)

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