20 Dinosaur Gift Ideas for the Dino-Obsessed Kid 2021

20 Dino-mite Gifts For The Dinosaur-Obsessed Kid

May 24, 2019 Updated April 14, 2021


If you’re looking for dinosaur gifts for kids, it’s because dinos will always rein supreme in our little one’s lives. Today’s tech-savvy children live in a world that would be unrecognizable to the ’80s kid. But despite watching Ryan’s Toy Review on a continuous loop or the singing baby shark toys (instead of reading comics), there are still a few timeless toys and interests that 21st century kids love, just as their parents and grandparents did. Along with Spiderman toys and inflatable kiddie pools, another such obsession is dinosaurs — thanks, in part, to a handful of prehistoric Disney characters and regular Jurassic Park re-boots.

Even though they’re extinct, these giant creatures will never go out of style. Dinosaur stuff for kids — from dino-themed crafts, to toys, to books — is a guaranteed winner. Just ask a kid, and they will most certainly show their roaring enthusiasm.

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If you’ve got a dinosaur-loving kid in your life, here are a few dino-mite picks to check out!

Unique Dinosaur Gift Ideas

Dinosaur Taco Holders

These dino taco holders will give your favorite kiddo the appetite of a dinosaur. Rawr. Picky eaters love them. Plus, it’s pretty cool that these taco holders stand up on their own, which makes serving easy.


National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

If you have a future archeologist on your hands, then they will truly treasure this Mega Fossil Dig Kit by National Geographic. Not only does it contain a slab of sandy sediment that a curious kid can use the digging tools to make their way through, but the kit also comes with the Mega Fossil Learning Guide which will educate and inspire the dig along the way. Kids love to uncover the 15 real (yep, real) fossils and keep them forever.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Converse Dinoverse High Top Sneaker

The classic Converse All Star shoes always have tons of cool prints and patterns, so of course they’d have a dino-print too! Your dinosaur-loving giftee will want to wear these kicks every single day. One mama reviewed the shoe and said, “The toe box is perfect for my 5 year old boy. He wears a size 13 and these fit his skinny, long feet perfectly. The width is perfect and is not too wide. There’s limited arch suppose but they fit like a standard converse. He LOVES them!”

$59.93 AT AMAZON

DINOBROS Dinosaur Pull Back Cars

The incredible detail of these dinosaur race cars is tough to beat. With over 3,600 reviews on Amazon, many customers rave about these cars and how their kids could not put them down.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Dinosaur Stuffums Animal Storage and Bean Bag Chair

Some gifts like this Dinosaur Stuffums bean bag chair and animal storage bag are a gift for the child and parents — because they encourage kids to pick up their sh*t. This would be an adorable addition to any dinosaur-obsessed kid’s bedroom, and also a place to keep their 831 stuffed T-Rexes and Velociraptors. #winning

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Dinosaur Duvet and Pillowcase Set

This clever bedding set will actually turn your child into a dinosaur. The best part? Kids love that this bedding has capabilities to scare monsters off. This whimsical bedding se includes one duvet cover and one matching pillowcase.


Underwraps - Triceratops Fossil Toddler Costume

Kids who love dinosaurs like to roar and pretend to be dinosaurs. This costume would be a hit—not just for Halloween, but any day of the year—because dressing up and pretend play is always fun.

$31.80 AT AMAZON

Best Dinosaur Gifts

Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex Dinosaur

Fingerlings are one of the hottest toys. And kids who love dinosaurs don’t want to miss out! This tiny T-Rex can perch atop their finger all day long.

$38.98 AT AMAZON

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

Books make great gifts, and this National Geographic Big Book of Dinosaurs is chock-full of fun dino facts. Filled with stunning illustrations and age-appropriate information that won’t freak out your little one, this book is an absolute must-have for a mini dino fan.


LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaur Set

You can never go wrong with LEGOs. This Mighty Dinosaur set is a 3-in-1, which means kids can make three different creatures from the pieces in one box. Any dino-lover would be thrilled to put these green guys together.


LONECONE Dinosaur Print Rain Boots

These rubber rain boots would make splashing in puddles 100x better. And, for warming up cold feet once they come inside, how about some adorable dinosaur slippers?

$26.99 AT AMAZON

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TEMI Dinosaur Park Play Mat

Let your kiddo’s imagination run wild with this dinosaur park play mat from TEMI. Unlike most play mats that are made from thin PVC material, this one is made out of soft, woven fabrics so it’ll hold up when playtime gets a little too wild.

$21.90 AT AMAZON

Derrick the Dinosaur Stuffed Animal

You can snuggle this stuffed dinosaur all night long. Or your kid can… Even babies love this plush dinosaur gift!


Dinosaur Egg Kit

If your kid is interested in being a paleontologist, this dinosaur egg kit is the perfect activity for them. The kit comes with 12 dinosaur eggs that your kid can use tools to chip at to eventually reveal a dinosaur hiding inside. There are also knowledge cards so your little explorer can learn about each dinosaur after they dig them up.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

Windy Cities Realistic Dinosaur With LED Lights And Sound

Don’t be surprised when this Amazon choice dinosaur becomes your kid’s favorite toy! It walks, ferociously roars and lights up bright!

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Play-Doh Rex the Chomper

Just as timeless as dinosaurs is the old classic play-doh. So why not combine the two with this T-Rex Play-Doh kit that includes a jaw-chomping dinosaur?

$22.69 AT AMAZON

FurReal Munchkin Rex Baby Dino Pet

This FurReal dinosaur, Munchkin Rex baby, makes over 35 sounds and motions. That means your kid will stay entertained for hours. He hops with excitement begging for treats, just like your kid.


Jurassic World Mini Dino Figure Blind Pack

No 2019 gift list for kids is complete without at least one “unboxing” toy. Blind packs are on that trend, and this one will reveal an unknown mini-action dinosaur for your kid.


WowWee Roboraptor

Have a kid who loves dinosaurs AND robots? This programmable roboraptor can be controlled with a handheld controller or Android/iOS device, has infrared vision, and three distinct “moods”: hunter, cautious, and playful.

$26.99 AT AMAZON

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

For the future archeologist, this cool set allows you to hatch your own dinosaurs. Just drop the eggs in water and watch them crack open 12-24 hours later. As Jeff Goldblum once said in Jurassic Park, “Life…finds a way.”


Dinosaur-loving kids are fun to shop for because you can still find T-Rexes and velociraptors everywhere—from pajamas to puzzles to LEGOs. Hopefully this list helps you choose the perfect gift for the child who may love dinosaurs more than they love you.

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