High Hopes For A Baby

Panic! At The Disco Breaks Up So Brendon Urie Can Focus On Fatherhood

I chimed in with a “Haven’t you people ever heard of starting a family, no?”

Panic! At The Disco is coming to an end so lead singer Brendon Urie can focus on fatherhood.
Tim Mosenfelder/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Panic! At The Disco is calling it quits after nearly 20 years as lead singer Brendan Urie focuses on starting a family.

Urie took to Instagram on Jan. 24 to break the news to fans.

“Growing up in Vegas I could’ve never imagined where this life would take me. So many places all over the world, and all the friends we’ve made along the way. But sometimes a journey must end for a new one to begin,” the “High Hopes” singer wrote.

“We’ve been trying to keep it to ourselves, though some of you may have heard.. Sarah and I are expecting a baby very soon!” the singer explained of he and his wife of ten years. “The prospect of being a father and getting to watch my wife become a mother is both humbling and exciting. I look forward to this next adventure,” he explained.

“I am going to bring this chapter of my life to an end and put my focus and energy on my family, and with that Panic! At the Disco will be no more,” he continued before thanking fans for their two decades of support, especially as Urie took on the project as a solo career starting in 2016.

"I’ve sat here trying to come up with the perfect way to say this and I truly can’t put into words how much it has meant to us," he said. "Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or are just finding us, it has been a pleasure to not only share the stage with so many talented people but also share our time with you."

While fans were understandably upset that the band was breaking up, many faced Urie’s impending fatherhood journey with a sense of poise and rationality.

“Sending all my love and congratulations to Brendon and Sarah,” wrote Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. “It has been an absolute pleasure to share the stage with Panic! At The Disco over the years, and I'm so happy for the two of you as you start this amazing new journey. Wish you all the best of luck!”

The band will be completing one last tour through Europe before officially coming to an end in March.