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Like All Good Dads, Post Malone Tattooed His Baby's Initials On His Face

Simply nothing else can quite show the special bond between a father and a daughter.

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Post Malone is revealing himself to be the sweetest dad, at least in his own unique way. He already has the dad bod and the dad jokes totally down pat, and despite a standoffish rapper persona, he’s been super sweet about welcoming his new daughter into the world.

And now the 27-year-old “Circles” singer made a move that, let’s face it, most dads understandably skip: getting a face tattoo of his baby’s initials.

While he didn’t announce it himself, his tattoo artist, Chad Rowe, gave everyone an inside look into the experience and shared a picture of his work on Instagram. The shot shows the rapper with a brand spanking new forehead tattoo that reads DDP in that fancy tattoo font — you know the one I’m talking about.

“It really doesn’t ever feel real,” Rowe shared. “And for the trust of such and important tattoo is a huge honor . We hung out , FaceTimes Sienna , tattooed And I ran him through his first experience of D&D while he got it . Thanks for being such an amazing person, artist , and friend ,Austin . I’m so blessed to not just have a “once in a lifetime “ opportunity , but to have a lifetime of opportunities . And to share it with my favorite people.

Malone welcomed his daughter into the world sometime in May or June — although he’s been tight-lipped about all of the details, including her name as well as the identity of her mom, his fiancée.

He’s been really open, though, about how excited he is to be a dad and how excited he is to start this new family-centered era of his life.

“I’m excited for this next chapter in my life, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and for since I could remember I was sad,” he told People in May. “Time to take care of my body and my family and friends, and spread as much love as we can every day.”

While no one knows completely for sure that the tattoo is his baby’s initials, it’s hard to think of what else it could be — plus a source close to the performer confirmed it to TMZ. That source also said that Post Malone got the tattoo backstage after his recent show in Indianapolis on Sunday.

Chad Rowe isn’t new to tattooing the singer’s face. In 2018, he tattooed “Always Tired” onto the bags under the singer’s eyes — and let’s be real, that’s a great one for dad’s to get, too.

Here’s to being the best dad you can be while still staying true to yourself. Post Malone has always been good at showing his heart and being vulnerable even though he looks like someone you might pepper spray, and let’s be here for that.