That's coach Williams to you

Serena Williams Volunteers To Be Assistant Coach For Daughter Olympia’s Soccer Team

​The entrepreneurial mom recalled her hilarious experience at her daughter's first soccer practice.

Serena Williams becomes assistant coach on daughter Olympia's soccer team.
Pierre Suu/GC Images/Getty Images

Serena Williams might have just basically retired from tennis a few weeks ago, and already she’s doing laps on the soccer field. She channeled her inner Will Ferrell from Kicking and Screaming this week when she shared an Instagram video documenting her experience bringing her daughter Olympia, 5, to her first day of soccer practice.

The post debuted a very sweaty mom in a casual grey tank and bright pink Nike cap, saying, “First day as a soccer mom, but I decided not to do the minivan.”

“True story: I showed up to Olympia’s first soccer practice. And she was so nervous she would NOT leave my side. So they needed volunteers to be assistant coaches,” she wrote. “So now, I am an assistant coach (when I can), and clearly, I was not prepared. I just went to chill and left looking like this. At least I have a @Lincoln to get us to soccer practice! Modern-day soccer mom.”

One follower commented, “Imagine you show up to your kid's soccer practice, and Serena Williams is a volunteer coach? #nextlevel.”

You can take an athlete off the court, but you can’t take the athlete out of Serena.

Today is also the official release of her children’s book, The Adventures of Qai Qai, which is available for purchase in all bookstores and major platforms.

Macmillan, the book's publisher, describes the story as “A magical picture book in which a little girl learns to believe in herself with the help of her doll and best friend, Qai Qai. The Adventures of Qai Qai, a heartwarming picture book from beloved athlete Serena Williams, shows readers the power of believing—in your best friend and in yourself.”

Pronounced “Kway-kway,” the fictional character maintains her own Instagram, posting fun and sassy videos of Qai Qai and her pup, with messages like “always remember to make time for yourself.”

The latest video even has a comment from husband Alexis Ohanian, gushing, “I'm so proud of you, QQ!! 👏👏👏.”

“Olympia thinks it's her in the book. She thinks the mom is me and she thinks the dad is my husband," Serena told Good Morning America. “It's quite funny because I'm like, it's not us ... I don't want it to go to her head.”

Olympian, Grandslam title holder, venture capitalist, author, and soccer mom, what can’t this woman do?