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A Spanish Duke Tried To Give His Daughter A 25-Word Name But The Government Rejected It

Can you even imagine filling out a Scantron for that?

Sofia Palazuelo and Fernando Fitz-James Stuart pose with their daughter Sofia at the exit of the Cli...
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It can be so hard choosing a baby name; why not choose all of them? That seems like it might be the strategy of Sofia Palazuelo and her husband, Fernando Fitz-James Stuart, the 17th Duke of Huéscar, who recently welcomed a new baby girl into their family and gave her a name that is 25 words long.

Welcome to the world, Sofía Fernanda Dolores Cayetana Teresa Ángela de la Cruz Micaela del Santísimo Sacramento del Perpetuo Socorro de la Santísima Trinidad y de Todos Los Santos!

According to People and local Spanish paper El País, the royal couple named little Sofía after one of her paternal great-grandmothers, the Duchess of Alba, who had 19 names and 57 titles — with many of the names honoring other family members, of course. Wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

But Spain has rejected the name as it doesn’t follow law, which only allows for two simple names and one compound name, tops.

“In the registration, the name given to the child will be expressed, although no more than one compound name may be recorded, nor more than two simple ones,” reads the law, according to People.

And believe it or not, this couple has dealt with this issue before, with their older daughter’s name. Born in 2021, Rosario Matilde Sofía Cayetana Dolores Teresa’s name was only 6 names long, but that’s still too many. (Love how both sisters share the names Sofía, Cayetana, Dolores, and Teresa!)

It’s not clear what happened with Rosario’s full name or what will happen with Sofía’s full name. But I do know that it will be hard to find either one on novelty license plates in gift shops.

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His name was 747 characters long, and he had one name for each letter of the alphabet. I sure hope he had a nickname.

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Her first name is over 1,000 characters long and her middle name is 36 characters long. Her last name is Williams. People call her Jamie. Her birth certificate is 2 feet long. Not sure what her driver’s license looks like. After she was born, Texas put a requirement in place that limited baby names to the allotted space available on the certificate.

As always, different parents like different things, and to each their own. Even if it will make learning to write your name in kindergarten a bit harder.