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Baby Name Consultant Drops The Rarest Baby Names Used For Girls Last Year

There’s even one for Taylor Swift fans.

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Finding the right name for your baby is no easy feat, and it’s hard to find a name that is meaningful, not super popular, flows well with a last name, etc. There are so many variables!

For parents looking to name their child something unique that still sounds like an actual name (sorry, Apple! it’s still a weird name 20 years later!), one baby name expert has some rare baby girl names that will surely stand out.

In a recent TikTok video, baby name consultant Steph listed some of the rarest baby names given to girls in 2022. All of them were given to fewer than 10 children last year, and she doesn’t understand why they aren’t more popular.

“Starting with the name Andrina. It’s a variation on the name Andrew, and is given to nine baby girls in 2022. I think it is so familiar sounding,” she said.

She then moved onto other names such as Bettina, which was given to seven girls in 2022. She says the name Bettina is a play on the more traditional name Elizabeth.

“I’m obsessed with Elizabeth nicknames as first names,” she said.

One name featured on the list is a bit unconventional if you’re super into gender-specific names.

“This next one might give some of you pause, but Connor was given to nine girls last year,” she said. “I think this is a perfect masculine name for girls. It feels like Campbell and Logan and James. I think it is great.”

Six girls were named Ebby in 2022, which Steph loves: “We have Etta. We have Abby. Why not Ebby? It was given to six girls, and I love it,” she remarked.

The next name on the list is for all the expectant Taylor Swift fans who had a blast trading friendship bracelets and singing their hearts out at The Eras Tour this summer.

“I know people are starting to get over the Lyn-ending names, but listen to this. You’re a Taylor Swift fan. You went to the Eras Tour. You have a baby this year. You name her Eralyn. How gorgeous is that? Oh wait, it’s the angel singing,” she joked.

Other names on the list included Loreen, Mayer, Opaline, Vanelope, and Zeila.

Unsurprisingly, the internet had feelings about these unusual names.

“There’s a reason less than 10 are named these names,” one user wrote.

Another joked, “Are the gorgeous names in the room with us?”

“let’s just keep these names below 10 ok?😭💀” another chimed in.

One user read my Taylor Swift-loving mind and wrote, “No Swiftie choosing Mayer.”

Steph also let us in on some of the most rare baby boy names of 2022, which included Breckett, Cline, Delfino, Frey, Guthrie, Ludo, Novian, Pacen, Rennick, and Ulrik.

It sounds like all these parents were binging some Game of Thrones or deep into a fantasy book series of their choosing. Winter is coming!

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