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A Woman Went Viral For Sharing Why She Created A Nightclub That Doesn’t Allow Men

Teddy Edwardes went viral after sharing the success of her female-only nightclub in London.


Sorry boys, but quite frankly, we are sick of your sh—t. We have been tired of your cat calls and unsolicited grabs but have often felt it’s simply just part of the night scene — until now. TikTok has discovered every girl’s hero, Teddy Edwardes, who was inspired by her negative experiences with men at nightclubs to actually do something about it. She created a female-only club, and it’s wildly successful.

“6 years ago, a man ruined my night out for the very last time...,” she began her reel. Then showing footage of a packed nightclub, she wrote, “and I created a women-only nightclub. It’s now the biggest in the country with 2,000 women a night.”

Holy cow.

The video, which was posted last month ago, has collected 3.6 million views and over 800K comments.

“Okay, but I’d actually feel so safe and free to just… exist and dance in this environment?!” one person wrote.

“Went to an only ladies club once; it was the first time I didn’t have almost to fight someone to protect a drunk girl. Love them sm,” another shared.

Her videos even caught the attention of Buzzfeed, who reached out to Teddy in hopes of learning more about this insanely genius business venture.

“I started LICK because I just had enough of going to straight clubs and every single time having some sort of issue with men,” she told Buzzfeed. “The final straw that broke the camel's back was: I walked into my friend's album label launch in Shoreditch, and within seconds, a man grabbed my ponytail and pulled me backwards across the club all the way to the bar because he ‘wanted to buy me a drink.’”

Lick, which is intended for all women, including those who identify as women or nonbinary in the LGBTQ+ community, is meant to be a safe space. “Everyone is sick of how men behave on nights out at this point, and the gay bars are no better either…most queer women I know have been questioned or denied entry to most gay bars in London. We’ve been told before that it’s because we just ‘don’t spend money’ and ‘cause trouble’ — which leaves queer women very few options for where to go in London,” Edwardes shared.

If you’re wondering if Teddy has some advice for the boys, err, I mean men, she shared, “Men need to become better allies by educating themselves and the other men around them by speaking up when something isn’t right. The only people that can change the issue with men are men.”

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