No Squeaking Matter

A Teen Accidentally Swallowing A Dog Toy Bugging His Mom Is The Most Hilarious Cautionary Tale Ever

A 13-year-old was annoying his mom when he swallowed a squeaky dog toy in what could have been serious (but ended up to be hilarious) consequences.

A 13-year-old accidentally swallowed a dog toy annoying his mom in this hilarious viral TikTok

There’s a perverse joy that comes with playfully annoying your mom. A 13-year-old was doing just that when he accidentally swallowed a squeaky dog toy and posted what could have been serious (but ended up to be hilarious) consequences on TikTok.

Johnathan Serrano from Montgomery, Texas, accidentally swallowed a dog toy in what was a successful attempt to bother his mom as they were preparing for a camping trip. Instead of helping her, he apparently decided to put a dog toy in his mouth and sit around.

"He wasn't ready yet and he was sitting there annoying me with this dog toy,” the teen’s mom explained to ABC7. “And so I get this two-liter bottle and I'm like, 'Johnathan, I'm gonna hit you if you don't stop'. When I go to grab it, it's empty, and he ducks and swallows it (the toy)."

The toy got lodged in his throat and then any time he took a deep breath or laughed, he would squeak. When he went to the emergency room to have it removed, even hospital staff had a hard time keeping a straight face in front of their squeaky patient.

"He was, like, king of the hospital," Johnathan's mom told ABC. "All of the doctors and nurses would go in there and be like, 'Hey, can you make the noise for us?'"

When mom tried to record Johnathan’s scary, but also hilarious, visit to the ER, he was at first too embarrassed to participate. But after a moment he warmed up and demonstrated his temporary superpower: sounding just like a squeaky toy. As both he and his mom burst into the laughter, the squeaky toy goes crazy.

The hilarious video has gotten 25 million views on TikTok and tens of thousands of comments.

Let’s be clear: choking hazards are absolutely no laughing matter. Jonathan is lucky that the toy was able to be safely removed from his esophagus.

“I was afraid that the dog toy might move to a position that the air wouldn't go through anymore," Jonathan said.

Doctors put Jonathan under and used a scope to retrieve the lodged toy. The 13-year-old missed his camping trip, but he also said that he learned his lesson — and gave everyone else a hilarious cautionary tale to not purposely annoy your mom.