Let's Party!

The First Teaser For 'Barbie' Is Here, And Life In Plastic Looks Fantastic

The movie, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie, hits theaters in July 2023.

The "Barbie" teaser trailer is here and life in plastic is fantastic.
Warner Bros.

Barbie looks ready to party in the first teaser trailer for Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated film Barbie, starring Margot Robbie as the titular character and Ryan Gosling as her longtime boyfriend Ken.

Warner Bros. released the promo on Friday after word got out that it appears ahead of screenings for Avatar: The Way of Water. And although the teaser is delightful, not much is revealed about the plot of the movie, which reportedly focuses on Barbie and Ken getting stuck in the real world.

The first Barbie trailer has arrived.

The 75-second clip parodies 2001: A Space Odyssey as a giant Barbie (Robbie) entrances a group of young girls playing with baby dolls in a drab, prehistoric landscape.

“Since the beginning of time, since the first little girl ever existed, there have been dolls,” narrator Helen Mirren says. “But the dolls were always and forever baby dolls. Until …”

Enter ’50s style, building-sized Barbie.

The girls begin throwing and breaking their baby dolls as the music picks up and viewers get a few more shots of Gerwig’s extremely colorful Barbie World.

Gosling in a fringed vest? Check. Issa Rae in a hot pink jumpsuit? Check. Simu Liu dancing? Check.

Stills from the Barbie trailer.

The cast features Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae and Simu Liu.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

It’s all glorious.

Sadly, the movie — co-written by Gerwig and partner Noah Baumbach — doesn’t hit theaters until July 21, 2023. Yet, when the time comes, fun will definitely be had.